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Legalised filtering???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. That sounded "almost" promising!
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  2. Was just about to add this. Would be great if we get in since it will not only mean less fines but more awareness amongst drivers that we are there.
  3. A good article, good to see Farr using his connections to help motorcycling, wouldnt surprise me also if the ACT ended up with legalised filtering before the rest of us. That place will do anything to make it self appear to be some kind of perfect utopia of future city living.
  4. Nice balanced reporting, despite the editor's efforts to introduce it
  5. I found this paragraph particularly interesting, I hadn't thought about that.

    I know my wife would not go near our public transport. Especially walking from the station in Winter when it's dark by the time you get home.

    Back to filtering. I'm with Spenze
  6. Lets hope common sense prevails....
  7. Hope at last.
  8. It just makes so much sense. It's not dangerous if you're not stupid. And a reckon a reasonable case could be made it's safer.
    I mean, you're always gonna be in front of all the cars rather than surrounded by them. No car can keep up off the lights.
    Of course that doesn't stop idiots in SS commodores trying though...
  9. I have found that magnas are trying hard a lot lately. Kind of annoying when you have to dodge them when they come up behind with the wheels still spinning.
  10. ****ING awesome!!!

    This bit almost had me in tears:

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  11. Legal Filtering

    From the interwebs

  12. Some riders need to learn to filter correctly. I watched a guy the other day from across the other side of the lights. I had filtered to the front and saw him coming up between the cars over the other side, and gave them a mental nod. The other side gets the green before my side, the guy takes off and gets ahead pulls into the car lane and then proceeds at 40km/h meaning every car that he just filtered past now has to brake as this moron tootles along.

    If you are going to filter, don't piss off the cagers more than needed. If you are filtering and cars need to brake before the other side of the lights, you are doing it wrong.
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  13. ^this.

    At least if they make it legal, there will be opportunity for correct training (ie, UK).
  14. I really hope that SL is saying this because he has some advance knowledge that a trial really is going to happen. Giving opponents an early heads up would not be a good idea.
  15. What the hells going on in this country?? A politician shows some initiative and actually comes up with a good idea that might actually help the community?? he wont last long. Next thing u know they might start looking at raising speed limits. Man this country's changed...:)
  16. I'd like to know where the reporter has got the idea from that:

    Really? There's a trial? When? Where?

    Hope he's right, but where has that come from?
  17. If we're anywhere near being close, it's a lot to do with SL's (from the AMC) continual conversations at the national level, @rider5 here in Vic making a massive push, the prez of the WA MRA pushing in parallel, motorbikes being allowed in some buslanes in NSW, the hoddle street trial here in Melbourne, a bunch of on-message submissions into various government agency processes and the economic reality of massive annual losses due to traffic snarls and massive investment needed in the roads to manage current and future congestion.

    Kudos to SL and the AMC
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  18. Only danger with this is that if they do legalise it you might find your path to the front of the traffic queue blocked by a dozen women on 50cc scooters.