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Legal ways to reduce police operations

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vertical C, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Idea number two for reducing police operations.

    Now we all know that the police have way too much time on their hands. They have time to hide in the bushes with speed guns on Sundays FFS.

    So in another thread it was suggested that you shouldn't report simple fender benders because the police have better things to do. But they obviously don't because otherwise they wouldn't have time to hide in bushes. You are not required to but you can still report it.

    So what other legal things could we do to waste police time so that they have less time to hide in bushes and we can all speed more with less chance of getting caught.?

    What are your ideas? Please don't post anything illegal.
  2. strategically placed donuts
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  3. Move to the NT and spend more time dodging kangaroos and black cows.
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  4. When we know one is on, is it possible to guide the ulysses towards them.

    A bunch of insufferable old farts should fix the issue. Although it may be against the geneva convention as a form of torture.
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  5. If one or more of them are playing the bagpipes, then, yes, it definitely contravenes the Geneva Conventions.

    Without the bagpipes, it should certainly work, especially if the cops are riding motorbikes in their uniform shirts......
  6. Hey, I resemble that remark :p


    And that's quite a snide comment from a Camry driver, I must say
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  7. Under new laws simple fender benders do not require the presence of the police. In fact if you ring them they will only attend if there is alcohol involved or an ambulance required.
  8. Which is a good thing - because in vic they have a history of giving out fines for petty things. i.e. Such as a learner rider dropping their bike while stationary being hit with "failure to maintain control of a motor vehicle".
  9. Yep.
  10. Tough. But dropping a stationary bike does fit the terms of the offence. But only if the key was in the ignition.
  11. If you ring and say you suspect the other party is under the influence of Alcohol. They will attend even if it is a fender bender. Still legal I think?
  12. Just because it fits, that don't make it right! Just means that the offence is a bogus one!
  13. Random phone box calls about strange man with hand gun
  14. I really like idea no 1 best
  15. Here, fixed that for ya
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  16. Just tell them on the phone that it involves alcohol. When they turn up explain that you were on your way to get some beer and....