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Legal upgrades for 250's

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by banditbob, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Just wondering what upgrades can be made to the engine or bottom end to improve performance on a 250cc.

    As im not yet on my opens I'm restricted to the 250's...so they will need to be legal upgrades ;)

    Also if i could get ballpark figures on the cost of these upgrades.


  2. A turbo's legal (surprisingly). Other than that not really much you can do except maybe change the exhaust and jetting - the average 250 is already in a fairly high state of tune as it is. Best way to make it go faster is learn how to ride it faster :).
  3. Agreed.

    I know it's not exactly what you're after but sprocket size changes are something else you can look at, generally to give a bit more acceleration. Of course this has the undesired effect of giving you false speedo readings.
  4. To go faster, you need to get more petrol in, burnt efficiently and out quickly. Simplistic and not the complete view. Bigger carb and exhaust perhaps? Balance the wish to go faster with reliability, resale and the (my opinion) preferred option of spending the dosh on the next (bigger) bike you get. What sort of boik have you got?
  5. at a guesss he has a Suzuki bandit....... just from his name. :)
  6. Duh, never even thought of that :oops:
  7. Shouldn't affect the speedo, as the speedo reads off the front wheel usually.
  8. However there are bikes where this isn't the case, it's something you need to be aware of.
  9. Was going a bandit, but decided against it.

    Getting a yamaha srv250.

    It has a 'classic' style and hasnt been designed for max performance specs.

    Itsa V twin similar to the virago's.

    So...what costs are involved in turbofying :p?

    Is fuel injection another option?

    Just curious is all....
  10. Good choice - turbo :LOL: get a pipe, bigger carby jets and flat/clip-on bars, you won't regret it. The've already got hotter cams and twin carbs which the Virago doesn't have.
  11. The time and effort you are looking at for installing a turbo does not come close to outweighing the performance benefits you would see. You're better off saving that money towards your next bike...something that will be rocketship fast straight out of the dealerships driveway.

    Fuel injection isn't feasible either. Even if, somehow, you managed to fit a fuel injection system onto it you still only have a total of 250cc engine capacity so no real performance improvement. You would just be replacing the carbs with EFI.
  12. Not sure why you'd get an SRV and try to give it more power, rather than simply buy something with more power (still a 250)...
  13. I think he/she is taking the mickey, but I do agree with what you're saying. They are so chuckable as they are, more fun than many realise. You'll get passed on the straights, but many of the other 250's will be in your way in the twisties.
  14. Start with a sports bike or just enjoy that 'retro charm'.
  15. which 250s use an electronic speedo run off the gearbox? couldn't be a lot of them, the VAST majority will use the old cable driven type.

    but dont waste your money upgrading a 250. if you want to go fast, get a stroker and deal with the extra maintenance or buy a big bike and deal with the cops if you get busted. upgrading a 250 is a pretty futile effort, you'd be lucky to squeeze a few extra of HP with your standard upgrades (pipes/carbs/intake) and going any further than this will waste so much money you'd need to be fairly rich to even consider it. and whatever you do, you'll get sweet FA to no return on.

    better off riding the bike as it is and buying a real bike when it comes time
  16. Maybe transplant a ZX-14 engine into it and badge it as a 250cc :)
  17. I'm running a SRV250 and she's plent quick enough for the L's when on the cam (with a cool deep note at lower revs). Keeping it on song to get the most out of the engine seems to be good training for smooth riding for when I upgrade to something bigger.

    The SRV won't set the world alight but its loads of fin in the twisties.
  18. You'll be wasting your time and money on an entirely pointless excersise. If an SRV isn't fast enough (an oppinion held by many) then buy a faster bike. It's cheaper and easier than modifying an SRV to become something it isn't. :)
  19. Yeah I dont know why people want to do up a 250 to be faster it is a total waste of time and money, because your going to get rid of it as soon as you can. Just buy a cbr250rr, or a 2-stroke.
  20. If you "think" you want or need a faster 250 the dont waste time and money tuning a slower one , just spend your $$ on an RGV/Aprillia 250 and some good life insurance.
    Go learn how to ride what you can legally ride and then upgrade when you can outride what you have, and unless your surname is Rossi or Doohan that will probably take about a year and a half to become half competant, then you can legally go ballistic with your choice.
    :grin: :biker: