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QLD Legal transport of firearm

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bernard17, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Wondering has anyone had any experience transporting a rifle on their motorcycle? Thinking of getting a firearm but to get to where I'll be hunting on the properties by car just won't make it (small hatch back) but the drz400 will do alright. Was thinking a rack on the handle bars for when I'm on the property. But to get to and from there was thinking a soft bag slung across my back, bolt removed and in side pocket, trigger lock, ammo in tank or tail bag, and maybe small padlock through zipper tags/grips/handle (whatever you actually call them) which will be more of a show the effort than actually do anything security wise.

    Thats about as reasonable precautions I can think of but not sure if that's still legal. Or if out of sight is a requirement just roll it up in the swag along with the rest of the above since I'd probably be out there over night anyway.
  2. What could possibly go wrong. It is Queensland after all.
  3. What you're proposing seems more than reasonable, however I've found firearm transport laws to be very patchy in a number of areas. My suggestion to you would be to contact QLD Police, your LFO, or the licensing division (by email so you get a reply by email as proof) that confirms whether this is acceptable or not - and if acceptable, print out and carry a copy of that with you in the event you get pulled over....

    One of the common things both motorcyclists and firearm owners have together is that there is a % of cops who love to discriminate against them. Heaven forbid you come across one that has a grudge for both, when you're on a bike with a firearm. Ferrel kittens could be killed!

    Unfortunately with firearms the burden of proof is on you. You don't actually have to be breaking the law - if a police mistakenly thinks that you have broken the law, they can confiscate your firearms on the spot - and have your license suspended. Then it can be a time consuming (and expensive excersise) to prove that you haven't broken the law.

    Even though what your proposing sounds reasonable - my suggestion is to take every precaution to not only do the right thing, but have evidence handy to prove you're doing the right thing.

    Sorry this doesn't answer your question, but I hope it's helpful...

    PS: And if you do contact them and get a response, can you let us know here for our curiosity. :) Sadly my expectation is that none will reply back to you in writing with a clear answer, because none will be willing to stick their neck out because they too won't be 100% certain - it's the way the regulations seem to be written.
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  4. After a quick read of the act, I'd suggest that if you don't have a locked container (sounds like a metal gun case) then you're asking for trouble. No way slinging a gun bag over your shoulder would be acceptable.
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  5. Depending on whether your riding around rural properties or through the middle of Brisbane, the Kolpin Gunboot may be acceptable but it would be best to try to get something in writing from your DFO
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  6. I just sent the qld weapons licensing an email so i will post up the reply when i get one
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  7. I trust you checked out this thread [NSW] - Legal transport of firearm

    The OP is from NSW, but we all had a good chat about it, and info was given for different states. It seems in VIC the 2006 amendment to the Firearms legislation states that transporting firearms,on a motorcycle is prohibited. Guns and ammo needs to be locked, out of sight and separated. It's not achievable on a bike. Follow ajriderajrider's advice and contact your firearms licensing division.
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  8. I was thinking a hard case fasted to a pannier rack but from what i could tell it cant indicate theres a firearm inside (bag with the outline of a rifle is abit of a give away) and having it on me may be logically a better alternative. But as we know logic and government rarely go togethor.
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  9. I haven't actually transported longarms on a bike, only Cat H in a previous life.

    my understanding is that on a bike it is ok to transport rifles/shotguns (in NSW) provided they are in a locked container. in a car that means you can transport them in a soft or hard guncase that is locked, preferably with the bolt removed or at least with a trigger lock and out of sight ie in the boot or in a locked box. it varies from state/territory to state/territory. I believe in the ACT you must also secure any containers holding firearms to your vehicle (by a chain or cable lock etc).

    best is to check with some local shooters or join a shooting forum, there are a few good ones in Oz and the members will give you good advice, it is up to you what you do however.

    I have heard of shooters in NSW riding with a gun case over their shoulder going past LEOs and not getting pulled over. just make sure you keep your ammo in a separate locked container. I would always advise that you store the bolt separately, you could even use a trigger lock with the bolt removed, that way if you're pulled over you can demonstrate that you have taken every precaution possible. there doesn't appear to be a restriction (in NSW) mentioning bikes as a mode of transport as not being legal but recommend you go to extremes as an overzealous public servant would just love to pull you over and charge you with a firearms offence. often it is up to the officer as to their interpretation of the law and it is then up to you present your case. when it comes to firearms offences it seems you are guilty before you are innocent. when it comes to longarms I'd recommend you put them in the boot of your car if you have access to one - best not to draw attention to yourself as it's not just police that will be interested in what you are doing.
  10. agree, agree, agree. ajriderajrider your post is excellent!

    I would only differ regarding contacting your FAR as they take down your licence details whenever you contact them to ask any question and invariably they direct you to the website then tell you it's up to you to decipher what is acceptable. as JustusJustus would tell you, law is not always clear and open to interpretation and when it comes to firearms it is no different (feel free to critique this comment JustusJustus or use more appropriate language as I can't speak for you)

    once you get your FL taken away it's harder to get it back than it was to get it in the first place. put your toys in the boot of your car - out of sight out of mind.
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  11. At this point in time i havent got a firearms license but its more just havung it figured out before hand. (I like to plan and be prepared before hand). If i could take my car that would be my first and favourite option but the terrain id be huntung on you need a 4wd or at least a car with some ok ground clearance. Funds dont permit getting a trailer for the bike or a 4wd instead of a bike. So hence the question. Also it would probablywbe of interest to other riders who might think of a similair thing at some point.
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  12. Not to discourage you, but it might be easier and less painful in the long run to buy a trailer and tow the bike to the property you wish to shoot on with the gun/s stowed away inside your car.
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  13. I use to ride from Bray park to the Belmont range in Brisbane with my rifle in a soft case over my shoulder.
    As long as the bolt and ammo were locked in separate bags and the rifle had a trigger lock/cable thru the action, it's perfectly legal.
    Just tell the officer who pulls you over that you are transporting right up front and they always were pretty cool about it.
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  14. How long ago was that? Like couple of years or 5/10 years ago?
  15. 8yrs ago i was in brisbane. Was still doing it up in north QLD till last year when i sold my rifle.
    Only ever had 1 copper give me trouble, but after chatting to someone on the radio he just sent me on my way.
  16. Just remember the reservist in brisbane last year who had the swat out after him just by going on a training run. If it looks like a gun or someone thinks it looks like a gun, it's just not worth the risk of having loaded ones pointed at you.
  17. Move to France?
    IMG_0154.JPG IMG_0153.JPG
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  18. I know in Victoria any rifle with a collapsible or removable stock is banned, is it the same in QLD? Perhaps you could carry a rifle disassembled in a metal hard case bolted to the bike, and the ammo in the same on the other side.
  19. That was one option i was thinking, just a 12ga ou so i can break it down and along with ammo seperate it will be an out of sight out of mind sort of thing until i get pulled over for some reason and then alert them to the fact. Just the costs of shooting it. Planning on a 22lr for cheap shooting costs for now. But been tossing between the two
  20. Here is the reply i got today. To sum it up you git to make up a plain metal box to attatch to the bike and lock it in that.

    Transporting firearm on motorcycle

    Me to weaponslicensingSent

    Hi, I was Thinking of getting a firearm but to get to where ill be hunting on the properties my car just wont make it (small hatch back) but the drz400 will do alright.

    I was thinking a rack on the handle bars for when im on the property. But to get to and from there i was thinking a soft bag slung across my back or securely fastened to the rack on the handle bars, bolt removed and inside a pocket on the rifle bag or in a tank or tail bag, trigger lock, ammunition in tank or tail bag, and maybe small padlock through zipper tags/grips/handle (not sure what they are actually called) as an extra precaution.

    Thats about as reasonable precaustions i can think of but not sure if thats still legal. Or if out of sight is a requirement roll it up in the swag along with the above since id probably be out there over night anyway.

    I live near bundaberg and will be moving into bundaberg by the time i get my license so its not what would be considered metropolitan nor rural. What would be the go when it comes to getting off the bike? I.e. for fuel. Im hoping you might be able to help me out with what the usual procedure would be in this case.

    Regards, Bernard

    Weapons lisencing to you

    I am writing to you in response to your inquiry of 15 April 2016 in relation to transportation of a weapon on a motorcycle.

    You stated that when transporting the weapon on a motor cycle, it would be in your possession.

    Section 61 of the Weapons Regulation 1996 sets out the requirements when transporting weapons on vehicles.

    61 Safety precautions for weapons in or on vehicles

    (1) A person in control of a weapon (whether or not the person has custody of it) must ensure the weapon is not placed in or on a vehicle unless–

    (a) if the vehicle has a lockable boot–the weapon is locked in the boot; or

    (b) otherwise–

    (i) the weapon is locked in a metal container fixed to the vehicle; or

    (ii) the weapon is in a securely closed container that is out of sight in a vehicle.

    Maximum penalty–10 penalty units.

    (2) The metal container, and anything on or attached to it, must not suggest a weapon is inside.

    (3) A person in control of a weapon (whether or not the person has custody of it) must ensure the weapon is not left in an unlocked vehicle if the vehicle is not being attended by someone licensed to possess the weapon.

    Maximum penalty–10 penalty units.

    (4) This section does not apply to a weapon to which section 60A applies.

    The term vehicles includes motorcycles.

    You will note that S61(1) states “whether or not the person has custody of it”. These words mean that one has to comply with the requirement which follows regardless if one has the custody of the weapon or not. The same part also states that “weapon is not placed in or ona vehicle unless”. In the case of a motorcycle it is not possible to place the weapon “in the vehicle. That means that only the parts that relate to motorcycle is“on” the vehicle.

    Section 61 (1) (b) is the only part which relates to on the vehicle. It states:- “the weapon is locked in a metal container fixed to the vehicle”

    The soft gun case you mentioned, is not a metal container as required by Section 61(1)(b) and therefore does not comply with this requirement. Additionally, if it is on your back, it is not fixed to the vehicle, which is also contrary to the requirements.

    The only lawful way to transport a weapon on a motorcycle is for the weapon to be in a locked metal container, which is fixed to the vehicle.

    I trust this information is of assistance.
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