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Legal position for rego sticker?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ktulu, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. My square plastic holder managed to break off [I noticed the other day] - so today I picked up a new sticker and a rego-tube.

    The holes on the bottom of my number plate are too far apart for the rego-tube mounts, and I didn't want to drill tonight, so I just fitted it up the top.

    Ok to leave as is? Or do I need to move it?
    I've seen bikes with them on the swingarm, just not sure how visible it needs to be.


    Aside from being convenient, I think it looks cool enough where it is :grin:
  2. Mine is bolted in a square holder on the rear bolt for my chain guard, left-hand side, and I vaguely remember that left-hand side is what is required. Having said that I've seen lots of rego-tubes, but they are usually BELOW the number plate, not above it.

    psst, LOVE the super-secure holders for your P Plate; are they so it WILL fall off???
  3. Heh, the bull-clips have NEVER failed.

    I've had L-plates, then red P's then green P's for the car.
    L's then P's for the bike.

    Nothing has held a plate on as brilliantly as those 2 bullclips :shock:

    Now go to bed, Paul. Only crazy people are up at this time of night...
  4. hmm, Mrs H woke, up, then I did, now neither of us can get back to sleep :roll:. Might go and have some breakfast, though :LOL:.
  5. been meaning to get one of those label holders
    have been up t since 3.30am
    blasted cat wanted feeding so purred in my ear
    so have been playing literati on yahoo to pass the time :roll:
  6. Mine's positioned nicely under the rear seat cowl in the boot! Looks good there too :LOL:
  7. hornet600 is correct. The exact legal requirement is that the rego sticker be outward facing, and clearly legible, and placed on the left-hand side of the motorcycle. If any of those are not true then you can be fined for such, but you'd have to come across a real prick of an officer for that to happen. Most officers understand that bikes don't always have the most convenient locations to mount rego stickers, and so as long as the sticker is there somewhere, easy to find on a quick walk-around, and visible, they're happy.
  8. And there is at least one out there *sigh* :(
  9. If you can read all the details, then I myself would leave it there. That's the intent of the law.

    Also consider if you can see it say from the height of a cop sitting in a falcondore. If they pull you over because they think you haven't got one, only to find you do, but it's in a dodgy spot, they may give you a ticket, just so they don't have egg on their face. Cops don't like to be wrong.
  10. Mine is attached to one of my number plate bolts. In VIC it should be on the left hand side, but the only convienent place I had there was the chain guard which I didnt like the look of. So its on the back and if anyone says they cant see it where it is, I'll take my chances with a magistrate. :grin:
  11. on a related note... where do you get the standard square holders?

    noticed mine is about to part company with the bike
  12. Any car spares place like Supercheap Auto or Repco should have them... Or Vicroads will prolly have them too...
  13. bugger.. have to last till the weekend then. Unless a servo somewhere has them.

  14. Wouldn't be surprised if they do, the bigger BP's and Shells should have them up with the spare globes, L & P plates, oil, coolant etc...
  15. Lucky me i need to stop att he BP for gogo juice tonight so will get one then hopefully.

    But i now finally have my NR surround on the bike........ had to hammer the plate back to flat to do it though :grin:
  16. my rego sticker in the plastic window is mouted on my swing arm.

    out of the way, yet still clearly visible, and makes the tail look neat.
  17. Same place mine is.......if it's still there. looked at putting it up near the plate but no room with that horrid yellow square i've got to have. :LOL:
  18. My square one used to sit just under the P-plate - I don't know when/where I lost it... & have no idea how long I was riding around without it on for :shock:
  19. Well there is just no room on my little Spada. tail looks clutered as it is.