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Legal or illegal? Megacycle Can

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LiLEd, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, I know people wreckon its not really worth putting a can on a CBR250RR however i was sick of the shit looking stock pipe it had and wanted something with about more note. So i went out and got myself a Megacycle can. Looks a treat on the bike and sounds good. However it is loud. Very loud compared to a stock pipe which is great for letting people know ur there or ur comming however im a bit worried about the DB it puts out. Anyone had any problems? Is it legal? i guess it does have baffles and shit in it.

    Let us know guys....


  2. if it sounds anything like mine (megacycle can on CBR250RR), it's definately illegal, very very illegal. lol

    just keep your stock one at home and if you cop too much flack, wack the stocko back on.
  3. In NSW you can get defected if they have the proper sound equipment, but they are leaving us alone at the moment because parliment threw out their stupid sticker law so they have their tail between their legs (sure they are plotting how to get us though)

    Probably 50% of bikes have aftermarket exhausts, so theres a pretty low chance you will get pulled up. Keep the stock on to put back on if they do defect you.
  4. :eek:)

    Thats what ive done but man there loud. I figure if a biger bike can be loud why cant i. hehehe
  5. Matty

    have you had any trouble with the cops at all?
  6. I've been pulled over 3 times since i've had the can (Twice because of it) and every time the cop just commented on how loud it was and did nothing further :? .

    Thats not saying that they're not illegal.
  7. I have a Megacycle on the 12 which has a really nice note to it. But i must admit that on the 250's they are very loud. Have a chat to Ken at Megacycle and see if there is anything he can do..
  8. I just had a Remus carbon muffler custom fitted at Megacycle this arvo, and it is loud!
    Ken commented that it isn't loud! :eek:
    I'm assuming the Megacycle ones are very loud! :grin:
    'Fireblade' has a Megacycle can on his CBR250 and fcuk me, it's loud! :shock: Riding next to him, I couldn't even hear myself singing ABBA in my own helmet! :shock: :LOL:
  9. :LOL: yeah it's loud, so friends/family can hear me coming from the next suburb and have the welcome mat out... :wink:

    But yes they are loud!! But ridden past lots of police and never pulled over, they just look at it :eek: been through 2 booze buses with it and never once had anything said... YET!!
  10. Just let it roar....... if Harley's can get away with bloody "ground pounders" and "screamin eagle" pipes, I'm sure ya 2fiddy will be OK,

    I ran twin Megacycles on my zzr250 ... no probs
  11. Fireblade has the *quiet* megacycle muffler on his.

    You wait 'til you hear MattyB's. I feel totally self conscious riding it, it's certainly going to be an attention grabber!
  12. :LOL: that's the first time anyone's referred to my bike as quiet... :cool:
    Can't wait to hear MattyB's then :grin:
  13. I used to have a full race system on my cbr250rr. I rode it every day and never had trouble from the cops. My mates could hear me over 2km away!!
    I think the cops aren't bothered too much by it in Vic. I wouldn't worry about it unless you got pulled up and told it's too loud.
  14. my little virago is the loudest one i have ever heard. you can hear me coming from a suburb away (almost :p)

    ive only had one officer of the law comment on it but he was more interested in me crossing double lines and apparently doing 150kn/h in a 80 zone...which is quite odd cause for 1. the speedo only goes to 140 and 2. its almost impossible to get to 120 lol. stupid officer.

    (only dicked me for double lines, which i didnt cross, but was onthe wrong side of them >.<)
  15. I'm thinking about putting better pipes on my new Duke..

    ..but the country copper here is a bit anal.
  16. just keep a light throttle around him :p
  17. May not be "strictly legal" but you've got to admit .. anything that drowns out someone singing ABBA songs has got to be classed as "environmentally friendly" ... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Thanks guys

    Thanks guys was intresting and great to see some humor. Keep it up
  19. Bottom line is that most after market pipes are not going to be ADR compliant but the chances are you'll get away with it. But if you do something too stupid that attracts too much attention from the cops then they may well ping you for it.
  20. That's been my experience as well Duffman, as long as you aren't riding like an idiot most police will ignore a moderately 'fruity' pipe on a bike.

    If you are doing something that gets the book thrown at you then you can expect to get done for a noisy pipe as well.

    Aftermarket pipes vary in how noisy they are too and a moderately noisy pipe is less likely to attract attention than one that can be heard for kilometres :)