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NSW legal noise levels

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by aaahhh, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Anyone know the legal (idle) exhaust dbs for a 2012 model bike? NSW

  2. You really do keep your head under the blanket, huh? That'll be the last prod from me...

    There's no such thing as a "legal idle exhaust db" for any bike - the noise limit is set for all bikes, and is measured at different RPM for each specific bike.
    If you have a 2012 model, you probably still have the plate on it somewhere that will tell you what that is.
    Otherwise you could look it up somewhere I'm sure...
  3. that'll do me, see ya Netrider
  4. I believe all staintune are legal with baffle in.
  5. They always used to advertise that, but I'm not so sure if they'd meet the new ADR that was brought in last year for new bikes.
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  6. Staintune are with baffles. When you buy the pipes (or you can write to them anytime and request it) you get a form to send back to them again to request a free noise test plate with engraved info and levels.
    Not that its worth a pinch, but its something you can point at and say hey im trying to do the right thing see! Ill get mrs messy at home to take a photo of it and see how it complies, stand by...
  7. There we go.

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  8. Still no good for anything post Sept 1 2011 - unless they're ADR83 compliant.
  9. 500rpm less it might be 92 :p I wouldnt know lol.
  10. Yeah but you know what the Government is like. If it doesn't have the magic number stamped on it somewhere then kittens die.
  11. Ive got a dremel, maybe i can adjust the numbers 10db or so down... 9 turns into 8 so easily!
  12. Now now don't get all sour grapes.
    My trumpy is 92db at 5450.
  13. Go to bed if you have nothing better to do with your time mate. There is no need to reply to a 3 month old post with that crap when the query has already been resolved.

  14. last time i looked into this i thought the street triple came really close to the limit with those god awful stock pipes. so then anything else will not pass... not even the lowboy which is of course a quality bit of kit :(
  15. Don't get all grumpy at me, I can't even see the dates of posts with this new netrider design. And as you can see from the post above me, there is still worthwhile discussion to be had. Maybe it's a case of you staying up late blasting people for posting. o_O
  16. If you cannot see the date stamp on messages, you should get to know the site better before posting. 2ndly, the message above yours was not BAITING anyone so there is no issue there.

    If you have something to say without directing crap at someone likely to result in someone taking offense, then by all means please do so, otherwise your ability to contribute further will simply be removed.

    Thank you thetrumpetplayer.