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Legal music downloads - DRM?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Morbo28, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Does anyone do this?

    I used to acquire digital music through various means and then buy the actual cds for favourite, independent or Aussie bands.

    Now I am looking to buy mp3s online as I am sick of owning 1000s of cds but I do want the artist to get money. What is your fav store to use? I am considering just using iTunes. And do any of these have DRM on them that restrict you from copying them to other hardrives, phones, etc etc. I'm not going to do pay money for them if there is ANY restrictions on them.

    So which stores do you like - ease of use, range etc?
    Which ones do and don't have a form of DRM.

    Thanks oh wise NR... :grin:
  2. Depends on what you want. For electronica nothing beats beatport. No fuss, no drm, no bullshit.
  3. Yeah I guess that would have helped :grin:

    I have a pretty wide music taste I guess. But let's say mainly along the lines of Otis Redding and similar, Pixies/Breeders, Muse, Jarvis Cocker, Beastie Boys, Nick Cave, Radiohead.

    So no dance/beats/electronica type stuff, though I have been known to bust out some DaRude on the odd occasion :LOL:
  4. Well, currently your somewhat boned.

    Itunes, good concept, pity the program is bloated piece of blatantly illegal, spying, adware piece of fcukING BULLSHIT.

    Sorry. But I Truly hate that program.
  5. Right. When I get back to OZ you and I have to catch up :)
  6. I use nokia music when I'm "buying" music, but it does contain DRM embedded in the file.

    I also have a program that removes DRM from files, and works fine. Then transfers to phone, mp3 player without hassles.
  7. Itunes is DRM free.

    Bloated it may be in Windows, but it does work and if you're just downloading legal music as MP3, then transfer it to the player of your choice. Just use itunes for the download component.

    itunes on mac works fine, but don't ask Booga, he hates that :p

    I've found that since I've been using itunes, I've bought music I'd never had bothered with before, it's just so easy.
  8. iTunes is DRM-free... If you pay extra for their "premium" tracks or whatever it's called. Frankly it's still the only real solution, even if not all music's available, it's got more than anyone else has.

    The other option is going directly to the artist's website - Suade, for example, is a super dooper awesome band and I hear they sell tracks directly from www.suade.net in DRM-free high quality MP3 for cheaper than iTunes sells their standard DRM versions for.

    Plus, for any given $1.70 sale on iTunes, we get anywhere between 30 and 80 cents after distribution and iTunes' cut are taken. So you're doing the artist a service if you check and see if they sell direct.
  9. All their stuff is now DRM free apparently. The new music is 50c more expensive, so I suppose you pay your money and make your choice.
  10. Cheers guys,

    I'm on a Mac atm, so I use iTunes as my player, etc. So yeah it sounds like it's best to just go with that. I will suss it out and try to dl a song or album or two to check out the DRM-ness of them.

    Suade huh? Yeah I heard they're a good band (some of the members are a bit funny though...) but don't worry, I might get around to buying from you :grin:
  11. Is Itunes really that bad?

    I had it before and it was a friggin' useless program. Also sounded so heavily EQ'd the sound quality suffered. Call me Quarter "Golden Ears" Wit.

    Scared of downloading it at the moment, but I want to start buying my way through the back catalogue of "This American Life"
  12. Some people think so, but some don't. It really isn't that bad, no worse and no better than many, but it works perfectly for the Apple Store, integrates nicely into your ipod/iPhone and works seamlessly on a Mac. But if you want to fiddle, dick around, modify, re-engineer the code, or just want to do something differently than the Apple designer wanted, look elsewhere. If, like me, you just want to listen to music, it works perfectly.

    Equalised? I have mine to no equalisation, a simple setting that can be set for song or album and the default behaviour.
  13. I'm a bit of a music slut meself!!

    Like most things from David Sanborn to Marillian and back,

    Best store as far as cheapest/ease of use and the face that it can be transfered to anything would have
    to be gomusic.ru

    Yeah Its russian, but all English and they have a massive range.


  14. The moment you told us you use a macintosh you lost all technical credibility whatsoever.
  15. And why would that be?
  16. :rofl: no I dont have two NR accounts :LOL: :p
  17. You're funny Dave!
  18. If there's one thing worse than a Mac fanboi, it's a Micro$oft zealot :p
  19. Nah mate, just simple music from me.

    three or four years ago, when I had it on my old PC it managed to take over everything and munted all my music files. I'm not an audiophile or anything, and I'm pretty sure I remember setting the EQ flat, and working my way from there, and everything still sounded a bit wrong.

    Has anything changed? Or was it the crack I was smoking at the time?

    I'm on a PC, use generic MP3 players etc as I'm trying to keep away from buying into the Ipod stuff. (looks damn expensive.) But the catalogue online is getting better and better, and getting more and more obscure stuff so it's tempting...
  20. Not a Mac fanboi. Have a Vista laptop, a Technet subscription, running Windows 2008 R2, Windows 7 RC, but also enjoy making sure that as a nerd, I at least understand what people are going on about.

    Itunes definitely works better on Mac, handles large libraries better. Apparently, when Snow Leopard is released, it will remove the legacy support for PPC and freshly coded applications from Apple will run smoother still, without the need to support the old PPC hardware.

    QW, with DRM free, the music is simple to convert to a simple MP3 via the Itunes interface. The play it with any generic application, or portable media device. You can obviously then burn to CD. The DRM free stuff is encoded at 256kbps, not SACD quality but definitely good enough to play through an amp and listen to without complaining.