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legal advice

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. hey all.... apologies for taking advantage but this forums good for these things and karma exists apparently....

    I have an appointment this afternoon with a solicitor, but so I don't 100's of $$ an hour or my legal aide credits... does anyone know the legalities and/or your rights of viewing or obtaining a copy of a videotape that contains an offence that you were allegedly involved in and will be charged with but haven't been as yet. PM for details please.

    By the way it wasn't me, this isn't for me, it was an "alleged" offence and I'm only asking because I'd really like a copy of that tape before I go see the solicitor but the person involved wasn't allowed to view the tape before their interview, and is being told that they will have to wait 2 months before making an application through a solicitor to view said tape.

    Any advice?? Thanks.
  2. Sorry dude, more details please. Is it a private tape? EG: a Hotel security tape? Do the coppers have a copy?.
    If its the latter, and charges have been laid, it's "evidence". Certain rules apply.

    PM'd you.
  3. cool, replied. yes its a hotel security tape and it will possibly be evidence.
  4. Ask the hotel if they'd oblige .. usually a couple hundred or so.
  5. If the police are going to use it against you, then you (or your solicitor) will get a copy as part of the brief of evidence that is provided AFTER you have pleaded not guilty at the first mention.
  6. You are actually eligable toget a copy of any evidence as soon as the other party has indicated that it will be used as such, by naming / describing it, in the lodged court documents. (For example the "complaint") But you are correct in that in the minor courts its probably around the time of the "mention" or summary hearing as they will pretty much coincide.
    Mouths idea of $200 to the pub also has merit if other avenues are not forthcoming.
  7. The date stamp from the video and a copy of her birth certificate should prove she was 16 at the time - I'm sure you'll be fine, dude!
  8. So it's okay if the merino's over 16? :LOL:
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  10. Not sure about the age of consent in New Zealand (or Tassie) though.......
    hehhehehe :oops: