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leg protection

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by smiley235, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Hey all, I have had leather pants for a while now but due to the bulkiness and trouble getting it on and off, I haven't worn it for a long time and this is not a good idea. For a while I've been meaning to get some draggin jeans. Anyway, now i'm a bit cashed up and am going to get some but today I saw an ad for those Hornee kevlar jeans. Anyone know if they are as good as draggin, I think they're a bit cheaper too.

  2. Most people I have sw say Draggin our better, however both use Kevlar so I think it just comes to to cost and style. I'll soon be buying another pair of blue Draggin jeans and a jacket as well. I don't think Hornee make a denim jacket. Go to the Draggin website and check some of the many testimonials. If you were not convinced you need protection, you would be after reading some of those letters.

    BTW MCAS are having their opening day at Auburn next weekend (the 11th October and 12th October) so you may find some decent specials there.
  3. Smiley (wassup dude?)
    I've got Hornee Jeans and tried them and Draggen's on the same day... i found the Hornee Fit me better. The both seemed to have the same amount of Kevlar lining.. as for protection if you come off... i dunno how either pair would go. Prob save you from some Skin damage but they have no armour.
  4. On the Draggin site, they have a video of a guy in Draggin jeans being towed at speed behind a drag racer. Impressive, however, another factor to consider is if you are thrown from your bike, how much damage will you encounter without armour. Just a thought.
  5. I'm in the same boat as Dodd, Hornees fit me better so I bought Hornees.
  6. I just bought some MX knee/shin guards and wear them with my Hornee's or my rallyX pro. Not bulky but slightly uncomfortable, the bottom calf strap is a little short for me.
  7. I can sacrifice comfort for safety... i think ill look into that.