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Leg Protection?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Maplesyrup, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Ok, I just passed my rider training course and im halfway through compiling some gear to keep the gravel out of ME. Ive been given a rivet leather jacket and spine protector and ive bought a helmet and gloves. But what about my legs? This really concerns me as I am likely to make a 12km trip from home to my school everyday on some pretty messy roads(potholes, gravel, sometimes dirt), and I will have to remove and store it before I go into classes (uniform rules ggrrr). I was thinking Kevlar jeans with extra armour pieces you can buy and insert on the knees and hips etc.
    Whats your opinion? Oh I really really donot wish to ride around in a full leather racing job :)
    thnx Josh

  2. My opinion of leg inserts -- better than nothing, but meh overall.

    Mainly because casual pants aren't form fitting, so the armor will move around on impact, which lessens the protective effectiveness. (the kevlar bit will certainly help for abrasion, though)

    If you want armor bits for impact protection, and you'd rather not wear a "proper" motorcycle pants, I'd look into getting some MX knee guards/braces which fit right onto your legs/knees rather than to your pants.
  3. yeah I was thinking the Velcro attachment to pants really wouldnt seem stable. I wonder if the make kevlar jeans with armour (or equivalent) sewn to the jeans? Im still looking thnx /\ for quick answer
  4. yeah i wear mx knee shin guards underneath my shift jeans...also i wear Dainese Proshorts...they are armour for your hips.
  5. Those pants dont seem to bad, not really trendy but neither are crutches and such sound protective too. Well im tossing between the pants and hood jeans will all the armour(that i would hope stays exactly where i leave it). Im thinking ill try run into the local joint after work see what they have in the pants tomorrow!
  6. Having gone down hard and slid some distance on my side, wearing Draggins, with hip armour in, I'd definitely recommend it. Not so sure about the knee armour though, as I doubt if it would stay in place in most normally cut trousers.
  7. just get some K-legs made by draggin jeans, get some knee pads and then just wear your school pants over those.

    That's what i've been doing at uni, i just have a locker to dump my boots, jacket and helmet.

    During summar when the weather picks up, i am looking into other options as that'll get pretti warm downstairs.
  8. Anyone who's wearing knee pads under Draggin or such similar scenario, I would like to know how it affects tank gripping with your knees. I imagine it would feel awkward?
  9. Buy the Kev and get ya mum to sew it into ya school pants ;)
  10. I wear Draggins with knee pads. See no problems with tank gripping. Yes, you can feel the pads there...but riding in traffic there are so many much more important things to pay attention to so you will forget about your pads in a minute.
  11. I keep saying this... MX knee guards @ about $70, with MX overpants (the strong cordura ones, not nylon, and wide leg, not elasticated) from around $100. You can wear them over anything and get them on and off easily without removing your boots. Keeps the road grime off your day clothes, too.
    Not going to protect you like leather, but ok for commuting.
  12. I wear Draggins with Titan Knee and Shin guards