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Leg off pegs?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dimi, May 16, 2011.

  1. #1 dimi, May 16, 2011
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    Hey guys,

    I've been wondering for some time now why it is for eg. A moto GP rider takes their inside leg off the pegs and sort of sticks it out just before a corner?

    Is this for stability? Special advanced body positioning? Relaxing? Or maybe some sort of communication with other riders, so is telling them something about them taking that corner?

    Any insight would be great :)

  2. Just making room for the balls you need to go into a corner that hard.
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    Well I can't argue about that... Crazy bastards... Anyone else?
  4. I do it all the time - it means "OWW! I've got a cramp in my thigh!".
  5. just putting the leg out to fart!!!
  6. Apparently after all the discussions as to why Rossi started doing it , Rossi himself stated that he just wanted to see if the others would copy him..... as they all did !

    cheers Michael

    P.S. its very motard
  7. isn't the story that someone started doing it for no good reason, got good results, so others just copied?

    They reverse engineered a weak theory afterwards.

    [edit: Micheal beat me to it]
  8. Ive always wondered about this also - it looks crazy and they never used to do it consistantly like they do now (if you go back over real old motogp races)
    Edit: Im Too slow, its a Rossi thing hey lols there ya go
  9. Such a strange thing to think about if thats true. What's worse is everyone copied lol so what was the theory they made after for its purpose? Very curious

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  10. Your legs get pretty cramped up with the rearsets on those bikes.
    The theory is that is makes the bike track straighter under brakes. As in the back does not try to step out as much.
  11. Thats what I thought Brentto. I havent seen the top guys race on TV for years but did see the 125 race yesterday and noticed allot of riders doing this (not consistently though). At first I thought that the riders must have had a background in motocross but then thought about stability under braking.

    Noobs like me have done this as a reflex action, sort of like an "oh shugar im gonna crash".........................:). But the experts must be doing it as part of something to help them go faster.

  12. Don't do it. don't get in the habit. A foot touching the ground when it is not on the pegs is more likely to cause harm than anything else.

    I've stopped a lowside on gravel like this but that was more luck than good management.
  13. This is the best explaination I have heard! =D>
  14. I agree and the last time the back stipped out on me I didnt. Which is why I was a bit baffled on why the pros were doing it............although no one actually touched the ground.

    Surely these guys are doing it for a very good reason apart from copying another rider.

    So what your saying is that the ones sticking out their legs are guys and and the ones not sticking it out are girls :)..................not saying girl racers dont have courage just saying that they dont have the physical balls lol.

    Guy = sticks his foot out
    Girl = not stick their foot out
    Tranny = now im confused lol :p.
  15. There may be some theory in helping the bike turn in, but I think that is pretty weak. I suspect Rossi started doing it to put riders off behind him.
  16. Either that or Rossi must have some pretty lethal smoke screen........im picturing it to be like the smoke screen on this car but invisible and coming out of Rossi's back side lol =D>

    .......................sorry to all Rossi fans :p

  17. Its an age old technic for cornering without a burm or a rut in the dirt,you sit on the upper edge of the seat and reach for the ground with the outstreached leg,toe pointed up.Lots do it in the dirt,no idea why its suddenly taken off in road racing,maybe there training with Motads.Just don't run over you leg with your own foot peg,not pretty.
  18. I reckon it's a stretch of the legs or perhaps brakes have developed so much that the g-forces propel the riders leg off the peg, but then it begs the question of why it's always the inner leg (toward the corner).

    In all likelihood it's a comfort thing, allowing the rider to re-adjust their footing before entering the corner. I doubt it's anything to do with weight management considering they tuck it in and hang off well and truly before tipping in.
  19. i've always just thought it was either something to do with setting up the weight and braking for the corner or stretching the "old pegs out a bit" while they have a chance... but "making room for the balls" makes perfect sense...
  20. I saw an excerpt of an interview with Rossi, he claimed it added to wind resistance, like sitting up, to assist in washing off speed - was a direct question with a direct answer...