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Leg Armour

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by J Gray, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. For the road riders out there that ride in jeans

    What kind of armour do you wear on your knees and shins? Ive seen it mentioned on here before. Do you just get motox gear and wear it under? Or is there some special road gear you can get that I cant find? Or do you go real budgo and wear skating knee pads? Haha.

  2. None? Most people don't have armour that wear jeans, or even leather. Though it is something i've been thinking of getting. Since i haven't looked into it myself much i cant really suggest what there is to get.
  3. wow that was a super helpful reply.
  4. Ive been thinking the same thing myself. Ive got a couple pairs of Draggins as being of a 'larger' stock its the only thing that actually fits me....

    I think you can get armour inserts for the draggins so i dont see why you can wear them with other stuff to.

    Let me know what you find. Sorry I cant be more helpful than that.

  5. I usually ride in Draggins and also have a pair of Daianese Knee and Shin Guards which go under the jeans. They are a slip on sort of thing.
  6. Moochie where did you get them from? I cant find anything?
  7. thats the stuff! Does anyone know who in australia stocks them?
  8. From my understanding we get very few Icon products in Australia. I don't know their name but you could try giving the importers a call. If not then newenough.com is known to be very good to deal with as an online store- just ask around a bit and you'll see.

    Hope that helps a bit.
  9. Yeah go the icon field armour. Great quality stuff that could easily take a beating. They fit good, and is comfortable with the seperate knee area. Just be careful with sizing with the leg armour. If you have big calves then the straps might not fit all the way around. Could be easily adjusted though at a sewing shop.
  10. "Six One Six" brand knee pads from my local bike shop, Race Replica.


    They've been crash tested and they worked a treat... and are still working.
  11. i've got some oneall moto-x articulated knee and shin guards. bit bulky but do the job.

    looking at something a little more streamlined as they do have the odd issue of getting hooked to the tank and stopping movement when it's needed. NOT a prob once you realise it's happening though
  12. i have some knox ones that velcro in next to your skin, attaching to the kevlar.
  13. interesting, first time ive seen a thread about leg armour is on the day my gf bought me some (birthday tomorrow), she got me some dianese stuff


    Story goes:

    Ive told her id like some knee armour and you can get some for draggins. She went into PS and asked for some armour for draggins. The guy said that he knows a guy who had some that fell out on a ride, so you dont want that, and proceeded to sell here this dianese stuff, seems good, i feel very protected, makes my knees look a little knobbly though.
  14. same

    they seem ok but since they attach to the pants they tend to move around a bit
  15. I've wanted knee protection but the people at peter stevens gave me t he shove around saying "we've only got these denesie ones" which was all well and good, but boots protect a large part of my shin and it's hard to wear those at the same time.
  16. I think they just wanted to sell you the most expensive ones, or if that's really all they had, it's time to shop around. The trick is to look in dirt section, for example if you go to http://bikebiz.com.au and go to Dirt Apparel -> Offroad Protection -> Knee and Ankle Guards & Brackets you'll find at least two dozen of different models, including the one from Icon, at $109.95, which is pretty reasonable compared to U$65 + shipping from newenough.com

    After my low-speed off I've become quite interested in knee protection, since I found out first-hand that knees and hands are the two areas that need protecting. I'm still looking for the right one though... I want it to be fairly small, yet effective, and definitely wrapped around my body rather than attached by velcro to the inside of the pants - that strikes me as fairly useless.
  17. Out of all the armour on bikebiz's site i'd say the icon looks the goods. Does any one know why the shift one is so cheap? Is it rubbish?
  18. so, to all those that do wear knee protection under the jeans, i have a question: how do you put them on? pull the pant leg up or pull the pants down toward your ankles?