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Lefty's plug change a success!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by lefty, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. About time I got round to it; ordered the replacement plug (note singular) over a month ago. The bike's done about 21,000k since I bought her new, and with such small engine it's nice to keep things running sweet. :p

    Trundled off to port80's this arvo with plug and assorted tools. Ended up using port's tools mainly, usually seems to work out that way... Didn't carry a garage on my back unlike the last spanner day.

    Got my bike naked in good time, having already worked out the side panels earlier this morning.


    Looks like an over-augmented bicycle! :rofl:

    After much twisting, groaning, several tool changes and the odd 'ouch' moment (the bike was still reasonably hot at this point) I carefully extracated the old plug with a pair of long-nosed pliers.

    Port quickly came to my aid and checked the gap on the old plug, before accidentally making it several mm wider and out-of-spec. :LOL: Thanks mate!!


    After double-checking the new one myself, it was carefully wound into it's new home. Eons later and a half turn to tighten, the plug was installed. I reattached the fuel tank, fuel line, side panels and seat.

    Ignition first time and I'm sure she sounded slightly happier. :grin: Ohh, and I've just ridden her home from Tarneit to Kingsville and she hasn't started leaking petrol or shooting flames out the side so I must have done something right! :LOL:

    Thanks to port for his garage and tools, and ronin for jamming your fingers under the petrol tank. :)
  2. Bah, removing the tank and other bits is cheating.
    You should be able to change the plugs with all that still in place, scarred hands are a sign of experience :LOL:.
  3. Oh you mean the gap is meant to me 0.8mm, not 08mm? Sorry dude :p Lucky I was checking out the gap on the old one hey.
  4. more like 0.8Cm when you'd finished with it hahaha!

    was a good afternoon actually.. me laid up with people running round for me.

    MMMMMMM fresh cooked cinnamon doughnuts!!