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Lefty's new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lefty, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. G'day all,

    On strongly worded advice from a friend I've been advised to post news of my latest purchase, an '04 CBR600RR:


    It's awesome if I do say so myself... :p

    Hopefully me and it get along just fine. After the little CBF250 it's a bit to get used to... :shock: :grin:-(/img]
  2. Aw man that's a crap bike. You shouldn't have bought it.

  3. mmmm, nice and close to the back door; you planning on moving it indoors for security :LOL:???

    Nice, looks great in the red/black
  4. WTF you two??? hahahha

    Awesome looking bike lefty! I'm very jealous.
  5. Server database is playing up (see Site Discussion) and this afternoon was more down that up, resulting in multiple posts :(.
  6. very sexy bike mate!

    What exhaust is that by the way? Doesnt look stock :p
  7. My double post was at my disgust of Josh buying a bike that is completely inferiour to my own. The server had nothing to do with it.
  8. Keep me posted on that.

    Nice bike!
  9. Congratulations! Just ease into it and remember that the techniques are the same as your 250.
  10. Good stuff. Love the colours. Now just keep it looking good.

  11. nice bike josh. not as nice as say.. an SV, but nice bike.
  12. Remus.

    Getting comfy on it now... about 80% of what I was with the CBF compared to earlier today when it was such a huge shock... :grin:

    :twisted: :rofl:
  13. Congratulation sir. That's a nice bike. :)

    Please take your time getting used to this beast!

    Look forward to seeing you on the road :)
  14. Very nice! And very shiny!

    ...Shame its a Honda :p
  15. The CBR600RR's are one the WORST bikes you could have bought ..
    For reasons listed below ..
    1- :?
    2 - :? :?
    3 - :? :? :?

    ... ok, ok .. I'm JEALOUS :oops:
    LOVE IT ! She's HOT, SEXY, goes like 10 men and a hell of a head turner.
    Only reason I couldn't get one would be riding postion & pillion comfort.

    Congrats mate !!!! :p
  16. Congrats on the new bike Lefty, it looks nice and the exhaust note sounds damn good.
    Have fun with your new toy
  17. I agree with ronin :)

    Sweet bike though
  18. says the man dreamining of an I4

    nice bike.. honda is there really any other brand??? never mind that i currently have a zook, it shall be gone in good time
  19. Couldn't part with my twins though :)

    After overtaking people in corners but being smashed in the straights at OP, I do now crave an i4 as well :LOL:
  20. And the fact your Missus would never let you :p :LOL: :p