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Leftie or Rightie?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dan, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. I heard someone once say that some riders have a preference for which direction they corner - ie are more confident cornering in one direction than the other - and you can be either a Leftie or a Rightie.

    I suppose oncoming traffic can make us nervous when cornering right, but going left still puts you in their path in a low side or highside. Blind Corners don't help...

    I don't really have a preference, is this just a myth?

  2. As a new rider (only a couple of weeks), i do think there is a thing as a nature side of the bike. As have already noticed that i lean the bike ALOT MORE on l/h turns then on r/h turns. But i hope with more practice i will feel as comfortable on r/h as i do on l/h turns.
  3. Left for sure - even when doing a u-turn
  4. As Dan , i have no preference . Same as up hill or down , i love both .
  5. I prefer left, not sure why....
  6. i love the right turns
  7. yeah I have no preference, alot of the turns I take on my daily commute are lefthanders though, doesn't mean I like em better just come across them alot more often.
    My favourite types of cornering are on 2 lane roundabouts, the change of direction as you go around makes you feel like your really controlling the bike.
  8. I always thought that I preferred right handers, but the wear on my tyres clearly shows I lean further on left handers, and wear out the left sooner. :?:
    I've heard it said that right handers are harder because you are loading up the right hand bar end (pushing against it) while you are also trying to control the throttle throught the same contact point. Therefore, throttle action is not as fluid and smooth.
  9. Being a newb, I feel more confident leaning to the left than I am to the right. It must be the fear of being collected by an oncoming truck :shock:. Although I have only ever scrapped the pegs on the RH side :? hmmmm?
  10. Dammit, this thread is going to do the same thing as the "Do you put your left or right foot down when you stop" thread.

    Why do I have to THINK about this? Can't I just ENJOY it???

    (Think I prefer lefties)
  11. Left. As proved by my chicken strips

    Worn away a bit on my left, lots more there on my right.

    (This also probably has to do with the fact on the way to work & home, there are only 2 nice left turns I can take at any speed....)
  12. I don't have a preference on either left or right turns.
  13. Everyone likes left when you're driving on the LHS of the road - you can lean in much further because you're not apexing on the centreline with your head in the way of traffic. Also, it's much more comfortable to approach a corner from the centre of the road (the highest visibility through the corner on a lefty) than from right over in the LHS gutter/gravel, which is where the best view and cornering position is on a righty.

    That's my theory. It could just be 'cos my whanger's a lefty and the extra weight pulls me down further on that side... I dunno... :LOL:
  14. Funny you mentioned u-turn........I think I prefer left turns generally, but I've only done u-turns on right, so I guess I prefer right u-turns.

    What this all probably mean is that practice makes perfect.
  15. :LOL:
  16. Left side for me

  17. I think, for beginners that it comes down to wheather your left or right handed..For example, im right handed, and because of that my left leg is my lead leg (running/walking) so i tend to take left corners much faster and on more of an angle that rights as im a little more secure as my left leg is closer to the ground, maybe a little psychological?
  18. Left for me too..
    The chicken strips have spoken!! :D
  19. now that you have me thinking about it, left turns were my more confident side when i first began riding, but now it really doesnt bother me. i guess it all comes with experience..
  20. Ask thesame question on a europien forum and you will have most of the riders saing they like or are more confident or their chicken strips are smaller on the RIGHT... Why?? we make a smaller turn when we go left as they make a smaller turn when they go right!! hance even whe we travel slower it feels faster and easier...

    Any way I'm a postie and we always say "Left, than left, again left , one more left and it's all done..."