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Left turns and slip lanes - difficult to see

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jrh001, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. I'm looking for tips on turning left when stopped at slip lanes. Because of the angle, I find it very hard to turn my head enough to see the traffic in the cross road. A normal left turn is OK, because I only need to turn my head up to 90 degrees. In a slip lane, with both hands on the controls, it's difficult to turn enough to see properly.


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  2. Take your hand off the throttle and you can turn your torso. You should be able to turn a bit without letting go anyway, is your helmet hitting your shoulder?

    You could also position your bike closer to 90dgs to the road you're turning on to, it's not a car so it will fit.

    My bet is that if you try relaxing your shoulders a bit you'll be able to see behind you though.
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  3. This is what I do, just ease off on the angle.
  4. just relax your shoulders and your arms and should be able to turn a bit and hold there, enough for a nice quick look and if there is heaps of traffic, the throttle hand comes off, but keep the clutch pulled in.

    dunno how much experience you have, but i used to stall in my 1st week trying to get onto the throttle and take off quick when i saw an opening.
    lol i had a small checklist in my head. now it just comes to you naturally :)
  5. Very inexperienced. Thanks for the advice, I'll find somewhere quiet to practice these turns and figure out a technique that works for me. When there's a car right behind and in traffic I get a bit tense that's for sure.

  6. even if you stall, don't stress about the car beeping or anything. they can see you L plate.

    you'll be surprised how quick you can gain confidence on the bike. that being said, you'll always be on a learning curve :)

    where abouts are you from?? if you're close, i'm more than happy to come around sometime :)
  7. you need to look twice before entering.
    do not ever let the prick behind you dictate your ride. he can wait. take your sweet time. you owe him nothing.
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  8. "Ride your own Ride" applies to more than just following other riders.
  9. Thanks for the offer, I'm in SE Melb but should be OK with more practice. Releasing the right hand will permit more movement so I'll try that. I'll also try reducing the angle I approach the turn (while still owing the lane).

  10. yeahh, SE Melb is about a 1000kms away from me lol
    just practice on quiet streets and you'll be fine.
  11. And once you feel ready come to the Saturday morning learner practices in St. Kilda.

    Someone should be able to escort you there if you want.
  12. Happy to help as an escort now that I know the way.
  13. Thanks for the offers. I've been to one Saturday learners session a few weeks ago and will go again. I'm gradually expanding the trips away from the familiar side streets. Did my first 100kph run on the freeway recently, the exit at Jackson's Rd had the slip lane.