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Left Turn Split?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RobE, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. In the left-turn only lane you work to nearly the front of the queue. The red arrow goes green but there is still one vehicle in front of you.

    Both the left turn lane and the road you are about to enter are reasonably wide.

    You want to squirt around this vehicle as it turns so you have the whole freeway on-ramp to yourself to set up the merge.

    What is the best option?

    Pass on the passenger side because he will probably turn a bit wide?

    Pass on the driver's side because there is a lot more road for you to manoeuvre in?

    (Theoretical question only. Us commuters always stay in the car lanes. :cool:)

  2. neither option sounds particularly appealing.

    "Pass on the passenger side because he will probably turn a bit wide?"
    -passing a vehicle in a single lane that's turning left, on the left side of the vehicle is probably the dumbest option though.

    "Pass on the driver's side because there is a lot more road for you to manoeuvre in?
    -still dumb, possibly not as dumb, but what's the point,.. you are going to be on a freeway in a couple of seconds anyway.

    guess you just have to choose the lesser of two dumb things to do.
  3. Just get behind the person to your right as they'll be going straight ahead.
  4. Splitting before a turn is always a hard call. The Frankston end of the freeway always banks up, if you come back into the traffic flow too early you can be waiting for 3 light changes before you can get in the left turn slip lane - too late and you're on the right hand side of a car going straight while you want to turn left!

    Better to be safe than sorry, just wait behind a few cars and pass them once you get to the freeway.
  5. It sounds like you want to turn left as well, which may change some of the answers above.

    However, if you want to live to be old, don't take either option you listed above. Let the one car still in front go, and merge in behind him. There will be room between him and the car behind, as they move off.

    This scenario is why you should never, ever, ever pass to the left of a vehicle in the left most lane. They don't expect you there, and they may turn left without indicating at any time. Split past them to the right, and in this case, merge into the left lane as they move off, indicating, and then make your left turn. Even if the vehicle behind you is going straight, you should be able to merge and make a left turn safely.
  6. Wait 'til he merges, then when your confident he's picked his lane blat past him.

    If it's like the irritating light near my house where there's a green arrow and some numpty jumps in front and stops because they want to be at the front when the main light goes green, then I pop around on the drivers side and hang a left.

  7. So the guy is at the front in the left turn/straight ahead lane and they have chosen the straight ahead option?

    I normally just wait as it is only a few more seconds until the straight lane gets the green light, allowing you to turn left. The only cars in front of you will be a fair way in front as they had turned from the opposite direction at least 3 or 4 seconds ahead. Probably more.

    My reasoning. The person (even though not indicating) may actually want to go left and when they realise the light is green you could end up getting stuck in a compromising position.

    It's only a few seconds in the end.
  8. Filtering in left and right turn lanes when you are not going to turn is one of the things that really really gets drivers off side because it makes you unpredictable and is obviously illegal.
  9. Unless you are on a bicycle in which case the law tells you it's quite legal and obviously much safer than on a big loud motorcycle...
  10. What id do is get behind the vehicle, do the turn behind them, and then once it gets onto the straight, overtake them on the right with a bit of throttle action.
  11. Tony: Yes, it is more than just a little ironic. :)
  12. and we have a WIN.


    look, your typical freeway entrance is going to have a curly bit, followed by a straight bit.
    now, shit for brains cager is not likely to pick a nice line through the curly bit, because he can't drive for shit...none of them can, they're all the same.
    therefore, this is not a good time to be beside him on either side, assuming it's a single lane on ramp.
    take him on the straight, nice and wide so as you don't piss him off too much and cop the close hero pass on the freeway later.
    or, if you don't really give a shit, take him on the straight, hover briefly in front of him, flip him the finger, change down and jump to light speed *gone*
  13. Thanks guys.

    Unless I can get to the front of the turning queue cleanly I do slot in behind the first car and then pass it on the straight.

    Between episodes of exilharation and terror commuting does give the chance to think about how to ride each section better; so I had to ask the question.