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Left turn lanes - own your lane or be considerate?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Masakali, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. I'm talking about the left turn lanes that have both left turn and straight arrows, but are hardly used by cars going straight because there are cars parked or lane closes shortly after the intersection.

    Ummm... an example, Maroondah Hwy Eastbound, left turn at Ringwood St.

    Anyway, when at these intersections and there is a left green arrow, but red straight ahead, do you 'own your lane' and stop left turn traffic, or do you stop to the right in a filtering position, and let the cars turn left while you wait.
  2. I'd just be defensive, if the cars behind are unhappy, they should've got there first.
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  3. Considering I can use any lane I like or make up one of my own, i tend to stay away from those ones.

    Although if i find myself in that situation I'll make the call on move or stay based on ALL of the circumstances. If i can move in front of the car the next lane over and get right out of the way then most times i will.

    The one thing i wont do is believe that cagers know where the corners of their cars are, or are capable of navigating a tight squeeze without hitting everything along the way. You only have to watch them drive to see this is true.

    I either make plenty of room or no room, and if it doesn't suit them then fuck them.
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  4. I look to see whether they have an indicator on and move out of the way.

    I want car drivers to think "hey, the fact that that guy is on a bike made my day easier because I got where I was going faster" rather than what drivers usually think about motorcyclists.
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  5. That is the key, don't put yourself at the mercy of other peoples judgement, or lack thereof IMHO.
  6. I do the latter (stop to the right)... any thing I can do to reduce the risk of being rear-ended is good in my book. And as mendosi stated, making yourself appear "nice/considerate" in the eyes of a cager can't be a bad thing.
  7. I just move over to the right and let them through. It occurs no inconvenience upon me, so why not play diplomat?
  8. Same. I do it sometimes if it's a left hand turn only lane too. I didn't get a bike to sit in banked up traffic. Depends on the mood i'm in though and if i've got panniers on.
  9. Just be careful of gravel when you are moving over... I moved over to turn left, went to brake and then slipped on gravel as cars were passing. Nothing bad came of it, but yes, definitely be careful
  10. I get in the far left, or filter to the front of the far left lane. If there is a multiple choice lane, you have a 50% chance of getting a surprise. It's bad enough when they are single direction lanes.