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Left the block.. yay

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Pockets, May 6, 2012.

  1. Today I made it down to elwood after organizing with ozziedevil to meet up down their. Probably would still be going around the block if I didn't agree to meet up with somebody..... and my god the fun.... and then dickheads.... but the fun outrules the dickheads.

    Don't remember Ozzie or myself having any issues riding together and that was loads of fun, I learnt a lot even though as he stated in his own words "he is only new himself and cannot pass on too much information" he wasn't saying "do this do that", it was "try this try that", "this helped me" and so on and it was great. After some car park practice (he showed me the emergency braking setup). We went up beach road, through beacon cove then back around and up to BP again. Had a good chat throughout the night aswell.

    Then I followed Ozzie back to beacon cove, rode up some random Port Melbourne roads and came back around up beach road again and made my way home.

    The issues I faced were all on Glen Huntly road, had 3 people pull out on me on the way to Elwood, and 1 on the way back all on Glen Huntly road. I am not putting this past my road positioning as I have only minimal experience and as Ozzie noticed I tend to stick to the middle of the lane when riding which I know I need to avoid and focused on not doing it after he informed me. At no point was I worried as I had sufficient room to brake and noticed before it happened what each car was about to do.

    All in all an awesome night with no issues. I'd like to thank Ozzie for his advice and the ride, definitely helped improving my confidence and riding skill, cannot wait for some more rides.
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    Yeah mate it was fun really enjoyed myself with you :) I didn't teach u much only what I knew and I'm a learner just like you.. Anytime u need a riding partner I am happy to ride with you... Thanks again I had a blast :)
  3. Good on you guys! I remember my first couple of rides so well, it was magic. Just the feeling of riding on roads that I'd been driving on for years felt completely different. Even going to the servo was exciting! I'd get home and lay in bed for 4-5 hours buzzing from my exhilarating ride around suburbia. Fond memories!
  4. Good on you guys for getting out there. Pockets middle of the road especially coming up to intersections is to be treated warily. Cars and trucks tend to drop oil and fuel there. The vehicle wheel tracks are better but move about in your lane. It gives you a number of advantages.
    1: Increase your view around corners as you approach.
    2: Make you be seen earlier as you approach a side road and give yourself manoeuvring room should you need to dodge.
    3: This one relates to perception of drivers, human brains are wired to pick up moving objects. From our ancestors moving things may eat you or you may be able to eat it. ;) If your angle of approach to a driver remains constant they don't perceive it as movement. By crossing within a lane you move in their perception and have a greater chance of being seen.

    Keep at it. :)
  5. Thanks for the advice, I am trying to avoid it as much as possible since it was pointed out. Maybe a trait from driving a car previously.
  6. See you on Saturday then, Pockets??
  7. Yes pockets, sat morn will do you the world of good!! DJ's in grey st at 9am then ride with the rest at 10am :)
  8. Yes even though I still think alarms should not be programmed to work on Saturdays I will be at DJ's for a coffee at least and maybe a bite. Then onto the learners session.
  9. shit yeah i'll be there on SATURDAY riding them cones hard lol.. I hope it don't rain i have 5000 km till my next service and i need to ride... :)
  10. Yes guys, well done! :)
    L riders can learn a lot off each other, just be wary of both riders doing something that the other rider does, but which actually incorrect.
    So check in via PM, to someone with greater experience, or even a mentor.
    Since I am a mentor, feel free to seek info or an opinion if you need to.

    I can also come out for a ride with you guys. If you don't need it, that's aok...I am just saying I can help if you feel the need.
    (note: there are other vic mentors if you don't want me.
  11. I will definitely look into that! :eek:wned:
    All jokes aside really appreciate it and all the advice I have already received from you in the forums. Ozzy and I were going to go for a ride after sat practice again. Would be awesome to have you along if you wouldn't mind coming. If unable to make it let me know and we can organize another time that suits all parties.
  12. I don't know about this Sat after practice my Ex is going out and i have to look after 2 young ones but i'm there Saturday morning for sure...
  13. Only a fool would turn away from an offer like that, Raven.

    Great stuff.
  14. I want to ride your R1 hawklord lol.. I'll ride with anyone coz i know i will learn alot... And thats what it's all about for me LEARNING...
  15. Well, after those two non-responses, one of which sounds rather snide to me. I can rest up knowing I won't have to bother with you, and go on some decent rides instead.
    Good on ya fellahs.

    And thanks Hawk! (new R1?)
  16. #16 OzzyDevil, May 9, 2012
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    I'll go riding anytime with u raven coz I know I'll learn alot from u.. But I can't do it this weekend.. If u know some twisties would love to ride with u next Saturday if that's ok ??
  17. ok. Let's make a plan for the following Saturday. In the mean time, pm me with your current riding experience, wha if anything is bothering you, and if there is anything you'd like to focus on. Along with details of bike etc. we need to chat a bit first, before hitting the twisties....just so I have a good idea of your abilities at this time. From memory, you are a returning rider? If so, details on your past experience is very useful as well. (all subject to the weather of course)
    I'll look out for your pm, mate.
  18. If that was directed at me you did not get the point of the message.

    If that was taken the wrong way... the first part was sarcasm as I tried to portray afterwards with "All jokes aside really appreciate it and all the advice I have already received from you in the forums. Ozzy and I were going to go for a ride after sat practice again. Would be awesome to have you along if you wouldn't mind coming. If unable to make it let me know and we can organize another time that suits all parties."

    Real mature with the response though, could tell that wasn't sarcasm.
  19. Sarcasm is hard to detect on a forum sometimes..

    been there done that.
  20. Yep I know, cleared up via PM so all is understood now.