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Left lane right track or right lane left track

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lui, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. I was wondering that on a 2 lane road, is it better (safer) to ride on the left lane right tyre track or on the right lane left tyre track? Or just ride in the middle of either lane? Or makes no difference at all?

  2. I generally travel in the right wheel track when in the left lane & when in the right lane the left wheel track..

    I avoid the center of the lane as that's where cars drop all their oil and crap.

    EDIT: I must ad that I feel this gives cars in both lanes the opportunity to see me in their mirrors and also give me a choice of escape to either the left or right should the need arise..
  3. Luigi, that's only a rule of thumb, a good rule of thumb, but only a rule of thumb. You should be evaluating your position often and proactively.

    Why do you think those positions are good ones?
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  4. The safest place on the road is the spot which gives you the greatest distance between you and other road users and any other potential danger. So it can be anywhere at any given time.
  5. Road position is always dynamic, but generally right wheel track of left lane.
    (most central position with most grip)

    ANY hazards, or perceived hazards will force my position to change, and slow down.

    with oncoming cars i will not use the right wheel track.
    (be very wary of impatient oncoming drivers behind a slow vehicle, they will peel out recklessly with no warning)
  6. I like left lane right track, seems to give me more options in traffic

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  7. Thanks guys, all sound advices. Particularly true that road condition is dynamic and requires re-evaluation all the time.
  8. i am ducking and weaving like a bantam weight
  9. Not this shit again!

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  10. it all depends on what position makes you more visible to other motorcyclists so they can see you nod

    (just for smee)
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  11. What would Mario do?
  12. It has started off Rob again with his 500000 questions about correct lane positioning.
  13. So piss off out of the thread then mate. Isn't that your advice to Hornet when he seagulls in with a nil value comment?

  14. AUS-ESP avoids the centre of the road because that's where oil gets dropped. 100% agree in slow traffic areas. But not every car drops oil and on any road with a decent speed limit, the density of these drops is likely to be pretty low. Does that sound like you need to worry about the centre of the road most times then?

    In the wet, water can pool in the tyre track depressions, so you will want to choose a different position on the road. But if you're only choices are limited to tyre tracks, then you're snookered. What then?
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  15. It was tongue in cheek mate :(
  16. No harm no foul, just wasn't going to take an apparent public dis lying down - even from a mate. I musta missed the TIC factor. No probs. All good. Nothing to see here. :-w
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  17. In the left lane I like to travel in the right of centre (ROC)
    In the right lane I like to travel in left of centre (LOC)
    On a three lane road I like to travel in the centre of the centre lane (COC)
  18. So when you are riding in the centre lane you are a coc?
  19. El Grande!
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  20. I position myself on the road based on where it's safest or least dangerous.