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Left lane ends...an excuse to speed up the inside and gain some car lengths.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by jaja, May 10, 2012.

  1. High st Reservoir travelling from high st across the train tracks and continuing north. Three lanes at the boom gates turn to two around the bend.

    Last night I was in the middle lane to bascially eliminate the need to merge, just knowing the roads and making it safe as possible.
    Take off at the lights at decent speed and then watching the left mirror for headlights and trying to judge the speed and distance of cars in the merging lane.
    See some headlights some 3 cars back (behind me, behind the car behind me and behind my wife on her bike behind him). Kept an eye on them but all good.

    Lane coming to an end and geez this guy on the left looks likes his flying. **** he's committed to getting in front of me and we are only a few metres away from the lane ending. Its heavy peak hour traffic, dark and I have traffic on my right. No time to think really, just react and rather than meet side on and end up in the other lane I had to move to the right hand side of my lane and gun it! Glad I went with that choice and slowing down with a car on my ass would of meant we met side on....

    Seriously using the lane ending to gain 4 car lengths in 25m's and gun it for a gap that just isn't there when there is a bike at the front is just ](*,)](*,)](*,)

    Pulled over into the servo with him on my ass and parked the bike and let off a few choice words and steam. The whole he isn't stopping thing gets the heart racing.

    Pretty hard to avoid but glad I reacted and got myself out of trouble caused by some ******** behind me. The guy behind me pulled in too and filled up with fuel and couldn't believe what he saw. Pick the merging lane and I have to merge, pick the other lane and Im still just as unsafe with dicks trying to race the traffic. 8-[
  2. This is a common occurrence in Perth, especially on the freeway. People flying down the soon to be ending left Lane then bullying their way in, causing the people in the next lane to stop. This causes people in that Lane to do the same to the next Lane and so on. Thus the freeway comes to a standstill
  3. What was his reaction?
  4. LOL, this is post worthy? I would see this happen a couple times a day. Many drivers are just jerks.
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  5. On my L's and first time I've had it happen to me. Might not have pissed you off but it did to me. Was certainly a near miss and just frustrating. Lesson learnt.

    Couldn't see his reaction with the bad light and him right up my ass. Turned around and gave him a spray but it would have little difference.
  6. Meh, happens all the time.

    When I was young and dumb and full of ... something, I used to do that sort of stuff all the time, and I was highly critical of dopey old farts who didn't know how to drive or merge. Now I'm a dopey old fart myself and getting highly critical of 17yo idiots who treat rushour traffic like qualifying at Monaco.

    Isn't it strange how the average age and average form of idiocy on the road has changed over time? I predict that by the time I'm 70, the group of 'suicidal idiots' on the road will expand to include pretty much anyone under the age of 65. LOL.
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  7. Have had that happen to me twice...at the same location. Happens frequently at that stretch of road, people gun it hoping to get in front only to slow down because people in front are going to KFC/Servo/Subway. I do slaloms at merges like that to make sure the people in the ending lane actually know I am there. The second time it happened, the car noticed I was there and nearly hit the steel guard barrier...was entertaining (only entertaining because it was a P plater with a suited up Civic)
  8. No I wouldn't say I get pissed off, but I would usually filter past them a couple seconds later anyway. But I do think of them as jerks.

    I get a little more annoyed if I'm in a car and someone does this. It is no different from walking to the front of a line at the bank. But if I got at all emotive about something like this I would have died of a heart attack long ago.
  9. Lesson here is to expect it as the norm.
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  10. summary - good job avoiding having an accident - get used to such incident's.

  11. It sounds like you did all the right things, for a new rider. Well done for spotting the car early, and looking well behind you.

    Try to avoid the merging and middle lanes, because you will end up with the same scenario. Stick to the right hand lane if possible. Same goes with freeway onramps etc.
  12. I do the same and always keep a look out for retards flying up that merging lane. Found it useful to pull into the far right lane well before just to avoid any possible problem, especially with peak traffic. Thanks for sharing mate.
  13. The pro tip is that your supposed to be doing the speeding up and overtaking. Thats what the lanes are for and thats what bikes are for.

    If you had been doing that, this incident would not have occurred because you would have been ahead of the guy anyway.

    Ride defensively, and remember, a good defense is a strong offense!
  14. In all honesty, you were stopped at lights with the merge a bit ahead. I would have been in the merge lane and taken off to way out infront. Wouldn't have put myself in any danger, wouldn't have been in danger of people coming up the lane.
  15. I've never really understood why they seem to add extra lanes at intersections to have them merge 20m later. Sure, if you want to gun it ahead, it helps, but the merging cars then do just cause a slow down of the total traffic flow.

    Damned if you do, damned if you dont.

    Adelaide drivers are second only to Tasmanians when it comes to a lack of merging skill.

    Every day on my commute I go through (turn left then merge) an intersection with a 300m+ merging lane, yet 9/10 days some ****tard drives to the end of said lane before coming to a complete stop, stranding the next 10 cars behind him/her. Nothing quite like gunning it from 0 to 80ish to merge and then having a moron in the same merging lane ahead slam the brakes on in front of you and come to a stand still!

    The only release is the straight on intersection 1km later where a new lane magically appears before the lights, and disappears 25m after them. At least at that intersection only those willing to merge properly use the lane.

  16. Incorrect. Lived and worked on 2 continents, driven around a few more, and one universal truth above all, is that as soon as you get more than 2 lanes, with more than 4 cars, no one can merge for shite.

  17. It kind of makes sense when you think about traffic flow. If there are 3 lanes going through an intersection instead of 2 all cars are going to get through 50% faster and there is less wait at the lights. If people were smart they would take the closest spot when they arrived. But of course people are scared to merge leaving the merging lane empty and everyone getting upset when someone takes it.

    It is kind of the same reason why filtering is good for everyone.
  18. Not sure if I agree with this. 2 lanes splitting into 3 increases the flow and gets them through the lights but having those 3 lanes merge back into 2 just bunches them up again unless someone is either significantly faster or significantly slower.
    Half the time I see cages move into the short left merge lane at lights they have the reaction time of a sloth and I am well ahead even if in a cage myself.
    The bonus with these lanes is when you have a single lane road and a truck or slow car in front that knows it won't get away from the lights with any sort of acceleration and moves over into that short left lane to let others pass when the lights go green.