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Left Indicator Issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by JustCruisin, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. So my Honda VT400 has once again received a random issue. This time, it's the left indicator. When I use the right indicator, it works fine but when I use the left indicator, the 10A fuse blows so I tried using a 15A fuse to see what would happen & this time instead of the fuse blowing out, the headlight flashes instead of the left indicators. I've already tested to see if the indicator bulbs are working fine so I took them out & they turn on on their own with just a battery. I've already rang up Trooper Lu's & told thme the situation & they asked if I changed the wiring by mistake or if I ridden it in the rain. I didn't alter anything & the last time I ridden in the rain was I think a month ago. If it's the wiring that may be the issue, how can I go about troubleshooting this issue?

  2. Sounds like you either have a short somewhere in the wiring, something has worn through and some bare wire somewhere is rubbing on the frame or engine. Or you may be low on Indicator Fluid.
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  3. Step one would be to give the wiring harness a looksee to make sure nothing has worn through especially where it passes through framework or anywhere else it may rub. Have a roll of tape handy to do a rough and ready insulation fix.

    Next step would be to find a copy of the circuit diagram for your bike and start checking with a multimeter.

    Hope you can solve the issue easily, quickly and safely.

  4. How does one obtain this sacred object that you call 'Indicator Fluid' ?
  5. just turn right
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  6. To access the indicator fluid you're going to need a long stand - any worthwhile independent hardware/DIY shop should be able to help you out.
  7. You forgot to mention that the screws on the Indicator Fluid reservoir are left handed so you need a left handed screwdriver as well. ;)
  8. But I'm not left-handed. I thought they sell ambidextrous screwdrivers, oh **** I'm not ambidextrous.
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  9. Ben Dover recommended using a bucket of steam when he was interviewed on Phil McCrackens show :)
  10. On a more serious note JustCruisin I don't think it will be water. It is more likely to be worn wiring as suggested by some of the other guys. I hunted around for a wiring diagram for you but I can't find one. Do you have an owners manual, sometimes it is printed in the back of that?

    The headlight flashing suggests worn cable connecting the headlight circuit with the left indicator circuit. See if you can find a wiring diagram as there are a couple of ways of wiring indicator circuits. Honda's comon approach is Positive to flasher can, flasher can to indicator switch, left and right to their respective lights front and back and from those globes to ground. The dashboard telltail light is either fed from another contact on the switch in some models or from a diode unit which feeds off both sides.

    A simple test is to disassemble the indicator switch so you can get to the connectors and get a wire directly to the positive of the battery. With the bike switched OFF touch the positive (carefully you don't have a fuse to protect a short in this setup) to the left and right side connectors leaving the switch. the lights on that side should come on (not flash) if the headlight comes on as well on the left side then there is definetely a short between the two on that side. Then it is just inspection of cable, this is where a wiring diagram will help because it will give you wiring colours to track.
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  11. I just opened the driver's seat, right-hand cover to access the wiring, fuses & I opened the rear metal plate which holds the left indicator. So far, I don't see anything out of the ordinary & you're right, I couldn't find a wiring diagram for my bike or even for the VT750 which is basically the same bike, just different engine displacement. I'll try your fault test method & let you know of the outcome.
  12. Hi JustCruisin, I don't know if this is any use to you, but you mentioned that the VT750 was the same except for the engine.

  13. Ah, I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.
  14. Like the guy who'd give his left nut to have a high sperm count....
  15. Interesting, from the diagram Paul JarvinenPaul Jarvinen put up the front indicators are a dual filament globe, a 21watt filament and a 5watt filament. The 5watt looks like park or running lights and the 21watt is the indicator.

    If the diagram is the same as your model then a short or water in the front indicator could cross connect to the headlight circuit as described in your symptoms.

    Take the globe out of the front left side and then try and indicate, if the rear left indicator comes on, maybe flash slow or just be on continuous then look at the front left indicator assembly again.
  16. an indicator with too much blinker fluid can have same symptoms :p

    seriously though, if you get water in the indicator housing, wetting the base of the globe, it can do similar stuff (as it can short out the filaments)
    so, as above, pull out your globes, then put back one at a time, see which one screws things up

    don't put a 15A fuse in a 10A fuse spot. (unless you have a really good reason)
    The fuse is there to stop the wiring from catching fire :D if the wires can't do 15A (they probably can), they can melt and royally fark things up
  17. Oldcorollas do you live in Sydney?
  18. If the wiring on the 400 is the same as the diagram posted above, the H/light is always on except for when the starter is pushed.
    Do you mean the H/Light is pulsing off?

    When you tested the globes, were the front indicators dual filament?
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  19. no
  20. Thanks for the help everyone. I've just rectified the issue. Turns out the left rear indicator wires were either touching each other or the bare metal despite being taped up so I seperated them as best as possible & then taped them up individually nice & well. Gave it a few more tests & it's working as it should.
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