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Left her chin behind....

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Fluffy Bunny Feet, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. My god i forgot to tell everyone what i saw a couple days ago while out at lunch...

    A lady on a scooter (now its mean but i dont think she should've been riding a scooter, as 3 side by side would have been more comfortable for her) turning out onto Main South Road here in Adelaide, she's turned the corner, we've looked right to check for cars and started to turn the corner, when we look forward this lady is sprawled out over the ground.

    we stop to help her, pick up her scooter off the road and offer her help to get up, she declines (lucky as i have a bad back), but sits in the middle of the lane for about a minute in shock before we convince her to geto off the road. Check out her face as she's wearing an open facer, half her cheek and chin are grazed down a couple mm and bits of skin/flesh/blood are dangling. She had no gloves and her hands showed bad signs of that and various rips/grazes in all her "scooter gear" (no jacket/cruddy pants)

    I mention so do you think you'll be buying a full face helmet and gloves etc now. Shes says yeah i might have to think about that...

    It wasn't good to see the damage she took from what couldnt have been much more than 25 Kmh drop when she leant around a corner just from not having any "real" gear except an open face helmet...

    Please think a little more about gear when you ride these peoples...
  2. I remember falling off one of my first bikes in the wet and sliding down the road a fair distance. It was getting boring and I wanted to slow down quicker so I pressed my hands flat on the bitumen.

    I was so glad I'd just brought some gloves with metal studded palms, wouldn't like to repeat that trick without them ;)
  3. It was getting boring, :LOL: :p :LOL:

    I just lost it when i got to that part...
  4. But I was talking about losing it, that's the point :wink:

    :LOL: :oops:
  5. geez that's horrible.........she must've been in agony???

    suprised she could still talk afterwards??
  6. Yeah i freaked out at first, but i think the blood and dangly bits made it look worse than it was. I'm sure it hurt, but i think the shock factor just made it feel more like a burn to her than a face plant.
  7. i get lots of scooter riders in at work.. and they simply won't buy the full face helmets no matter how hard i try :(
    it's "i don't want to look like a boy racer"
    "i won't be going fast enough to hurt myself"
    "i want to feel free"
    "a full face makes my head look big"

    if i could i'd bash em over the head with the helmet and knock some sense into them I would, they just don't get it.

    had a lady the other day who wanted to buy a helmet that was way too big, and her reasoning? she didn't want to mess her hair up.. it took me an hour to get her to buy the right size :(
  8. Adrenaline will do that to you though...
  9. plus she was a woman.......... (hoo boy, will I cop it for that!!)
  10. Just reading Tanyas post, I wondered if a person with an oversize helmet gets pulled over and the cop notices it, can he book the person? It would be dangerous surely.

    I can't imagine someone wanting a loose helmet. A head wind would pull the lid up so high, you couldnt see whaere you're going. Gee, frightening.

    Do the training places discuss gear regarding correct fittings?
  11. AUS Post is full of f'n Cs.. if we request a full face helmet they go to the shop and buy the haviest one they can find in white... than they take your old open face one and cut the straps... and tell you go ahed and do your job...

    Within a week you are back in the office begging for an open face coz your neck is stuffed!!

    The funny thing they can get a full face helmet that is lighter than the open face for $30 more!!
  12. you coulda easily sold her the large helmet, made $, saved yourself alotta time/hassle and had a happy customer.....but you didn't......good on you!!!

    i really respect that!! where do you work? if i ever need anything i wish people were all like you!!

  13. when she was buying the helmet, she told me that her dunlop volley's were perfectly good to ride the bike in too, it's all she ever wore. :( She would not believe me that they weren't. (older lady - she bought a virago)

    But yesterday she came in and bought some boots, so i know something i said sunk in :D

    I'm in qld, so prob not much help to you livingstonest :)
  14. 10 points for tanya for beiing a caring sharing sales person and putting the customer's needs above corporate policy~!~~!!!
  15. It's simple Lord, BYO.

    Go out and get an AS Approved helmet you like and if auspost tries to biatch about it then hit them with a ComCare claim from wearing the heavy helmet they supply and watch them duck for cover.

    Also if you buy the helmet out of your own pocket you should be able to claim it back at Tax Time as a work expense.
  16. hmmmmm (thinks)
    What about applying the same logic to your BIKE?? How about an MT-01 instead of the CT110? Woohoo; wheelies up the footpaths in Kilsyth!!!! And, claim it on your tax!!!
  17. I was going to keep the open face I got for free with purchase of the scooter, main reason being I didnt wana be a try-hard with the big racing moto helmets. I bought one anyway because the look awesome. Keeps you warmer aswell. I also wear Fox Racing Dirt gloves i bought for my BMX. They work well too!
  18. BMX gloves? They come with kevlar?
  19. I was going to q that too. I guess it's hard for a scooter rider to kit up like a bigger bike rider, but protection is still protection cos the ground is just as hard........

  20. Rub the back of your hand along the road in those gloves, and see what happens. Dirt gloves are NOT designed to protect you against the abrasivenes of the road surface. They are absolutely useless.
    You can buy a decent pair of all year round leather gloves for around $50.
    Do it, do not pass go, do not collect $200 and keep the skin on your hands longer.
    And for the open face? toss it. Stu's mate works in the hospital, a harley rider came in with half his face missing about a month ago, if i had my way i'd ban them.