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Left hand fingers muscle pain

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by abvc, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. I felt muscle pain whenever i pull clutch. any idea for quick remedy? has had it since last week...

  2. Are you right or left handed? When I first started riding I noticed a few little niggles here and there....once you (And your muscles) get used to riding you'll be fine.
  3. learn to use the mouse in your left hand.
  4. You can also loosen the clutch lever a little so it's not so hard to pull in.
  5. I had that same problem in my first week of riding but now its not an issue to me.

    What I did was ride for a couple of days and have one day rest without getting on the bike(unless you really need to go somewhere with it). I found that doing this gives sometime for my body to adjest to riding(since im very new to riding). In my second week of riding the pain is gone.

    I dont know anything that would b a quick fix than to let ur body recover for a day or two.
  6. Sit on your bike, left hand out to handlebar, palm on handlebar and fingers straight. Adjust your clutch lever so that it rests comfortably underneath your fingers when straight.

    I had that problem where the lever was slightly high, causing me to tilt my wrist down and so when activating clutch it was awkward and causing pain.
  7. i had that when i first star riding... :wink:
  8. Easy fix, learn to shift clutchless ;)
  9. Is it your wanking hand?
  10. Also check the height of the clutch compared to the grip. If it's too high, or low, then you may be stretching to reach it. It should rotate, fairly, easily on the handlebar to adjust it.
  11. Buy a bike with a hydraulic clutch you wuss!
  12. Came back from a ride the other day. My left forearm is sore while my right is not!
  13. I have pain in the exact same area i think it has more to do with the dead lifts i was doing at the gym last nite but im sure my clutch and the fact im permantly attached to my bike hasnt been helping.
  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....................................

    Go to the Gym and pump those guns!!!
  15. ]

    +1, my thoughts exactly
  16. I've had similar problems like that before, used to happen on long rides. I ended up loosening the clutch lever mount and rotating it down(so it was almost in line with the my lower arm when in normal riding position). Uses more muscles in the wrist than just the fingers. I dunno, seemed to make a bit of difference for me anyway.
  17. all gets better after i oiled the nut that lock the lever. (i've just changed it recently, cleaned the oil and added chain lube instead). it became stiff and lately emit metal sound. now seems to be better :grin:
  18. Call it training if you get caught
  19. I did this ages ago when i was a week arse newbie go grab yourself one of those stress balls or a squash ball and squeese the hell ot of it... then once the pain subsides go and grab from the sports store a "grip" trainer for rock climbing the good ones have individual finger springs. I know it sounds like a new improved mastabation slieve but hey they work... after a week or so of using it whil watching tv or reading a book you forget your even using and you end up with forearms like popeye..