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Left glove first.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Spots, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. I guess it all started when I left work for the day.

    Jacket zipped up.

    Helmet on.

    Keys in the ignition and with a pull of the clutch and a push of the starter button the Tiger growls to life and begins rumbling as I put my gloves on to finish getting geared up.

    I'm not sure why I did it but for the first time in years I put my right glove on first, setting in motion a chain of events which left me quite rattled in the end.

    Most of the way home, a white commodore (202-IZY) begins to overtake me on a straight section of road, straddling halfway into my lane while talking on his matching white iPhone. I briefly sounded my horn, accelerated a little 'n repositioned myself within the lane to get clear.

    He flipped, to put it lightly. A more accurate term would be 'thermonuclear bogandore bomb', with white wifebeater tanktop and all. I'm all for sharing the road, but the Tiger's handlebars are actually quite wide. In return for my brief 'bip' of the horn to remind him that the lane markings aren't very much like the optional "Serving Suggestion" on most cereal boxes, he alleged that I was (like all motorcyclists) reckless, dangerous and a '****ing cocksucker'.

    Then he accelerated in front and began straddling both lanes again, weaving side to side like a NASCAR driver trying to block a pass in Talladega Nights.

    Good times. :)

    And just two days after I decided to stop filming my commutes to/from work with a helmet mounted GoPro. Shame. It would have made a good youtube video. I'd have sped it up a bit, maybe put it to Yakkety Sax music and splice "play him off, keyboard cat" onto the end.

    Lessons learned:
    - GoPro is back on the helmet mount from now on.
    - Left glove first.

    (In all seriousness, I'm quite glad he sped ahead of me rather than tailing or staying alongside. If he's in the lead, I can evade or GTFO down a side road. It's a good spot to be, I think.

    202-IZY wins the award for "Most Actively Hostile To Motorcycling Cats", taking the top podium spot from Pushy LandCruiser Woman in Wollongong Who Wants Your Lane And Expects You To Get Out Of The Way. 202-IZY also claims the award for First Road Rage Event On The Bike. 5 years 'n 100,000km, I guess that's not so bad.)
  2. Sometimes you just gotta shake your head, and let it go don't ya...

    You may be a good rider, but that's not going to stop his crap driving from getting you killed.
  3. What is it with Commodore drivers?
    On the way home from picking my bike up from the Repairers (in there for ~12 weeks) I get a Commodore try and change lanes on top of me. I was level with/just in front of the drivers open window when it happened.
    I didn't know whether to laugh or kick his door, the stupid old bast@rd.
  4. Finn some advice.......................first your should kick his door, laugh at him, tell him hes an old bastard, and laugh at him some more :p.

    If that fails to get a reaction, you should squirt some of those chilli sauce at his eyes..............then laught at him some more and run to the other side of his car and kick his other door down just to even out the dents :p
  5. I like the idea of the chilli sauce.

    The look on his face was priceless :eek:, that's why I felt like laughing.
  6. What is it with commodore drivers? The vast majority of commodore/holden drivers are scum sucking bogan filth, that's what. Everytime someone is driving like an arsehole around me it's almost every time a holden
  7. That's your experience. Mines a little different. Everytime someone is driving like an areshole around me it's almost every time a CAR.
  8. @Gurbachen - When you're right, you're right.
  9. Quoted for truth. I have come acros a few arsehole riders, but not even close to the amount of arsehole drivers.

    If only putting on a certain glove could change the amount of road raging bogans you encounter.....
  10. Then there was this one time I forgot to wear my lucky underpants when I hopped onto my bike.
    ... All hell broke loose and the very fabric of the universe was tearing apart!


    Oh, if only I'd donned my lucky undies all would have been fine!
  11. I had a bloke a few weeks in a commodore turn in front of me on a roundabout in the wet without indicating. I had time to stop without getting too messy but had to knock it down to 1st before taking off again.
    While I was approaching him from rear I gave a wtf gesture with my hand to which he then jumped on the brakes doing a slide & coming to a stop in the middle of the road. I slowed down & started going around as he has jumped out yelling as I passed, Turns out he was having a fight with his missus in the car & it had nothing to do with me lol.
    For the record I drive a clubsport which is the worst car I’ve ever owned, never have I owned a vehicle which has so many parts notorious for wearing out after low kilometres!
  12. Let's just make this a dedicated commodore-bashing thread.

    I think we could get 99 pages no worries.

    Stupid bogan filth, sub-human lesser beings with tentacles and mitosis reproduction.

    eucaryotic pathetic such and such


    and i should have put my left sock on third, god damnit.

    then i found ten dollars

    you see where i'm going with this.
  13. Today I saw a P Plater in a red dunnydore with Chev badges and he even had a Chev Badge shaped rear view mirror.
    He was driving the car from the centre (he was
    Leaning so far over the centre console, smokin' Joe cool style).
    Boy didn't he lurv the sound of his exhaust.

    This guy was so cool, and hard looking too. I'm sure he was uber proud to take my Yaris off the lights.
  14. Somebody needs to repost the Hitler "Chev badges on holdens" thing again. It'd go just nicely.

    For the record - Are you now or have you ever been a member of a communist party?

    I have owned a hotted VB, put together by yours truly with snot all money, and I had fun in it. My son owns 2 of them, and neither one is registered or going, and the damn things sit out front of my house making it look like a remote community. Anybody feels like stealing one, you're more than welcome, but you'd better come with a trailer.

    The old dunny door has a bit of a larakin personality, it's a bogan machine, but in so many ways that's not a whole world different than many parts of the bike scene. Yeah, dunny door drivers like to do skids and pop it sideways, but then so do lots of bike riders.
  15. Too true mate.

    I have a love hate thing with them. I love the car itself but hate 99% of the drivers.
  16. Spotsie!

    And what did i tell you about gloves. This forum is choc full of good glove advice, but oh nooo, you just HAD to be different did'nt you. I mean, what's gotten into you lately!!? This rebellious attitude you've shown this past few weeks, was bound to get you into trouble!!
    Get to your room - you're grounded for a week!

    ( it is sooo much better when they're in front of you, eh mate. And you can have some real fun with them LOL )
  17. I just don't get why this type of stuff happens. It seems to so regularly, that at some point every rider has been bullied at some time by a car driver. And until they hurt or kill someone they'll keep doing it too.