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Left foot down at the lights? You'll pay the price.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by the_blacke, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Right boot:

    Left boot:


    So, can anyone recommend some new boots?

  2. Not suprising with the extra use..

    You should see the size of my right forearm compared to my left.
  3. If you used your left once in a while not only would your forearms be the same size, but it would feel like having someone else batting you off until you got used to it!:D
  4. Yep same thing for me, same boot. I never drag my foot - just place it down so am surprised by the high wear. How old are those boots?

    Mine are only 9 months old...
    (RST brand - VERY comfy and practical, but I'm having doubts about quality)
  5. It's because most people dismount to the left, then push off and spin on the ball of the left foot when they start walking.
  6. 3.5 years / 50,000KMs. I reckon 40,000KMs or more commuting in Melb traffic so there's quite a lot of stop start in that.

    I've had / got RST gloves, textile jacket, textile pants.
    Gloves died after about 2 winters - stitching came apart.
    Pants have some stitching coming apart (on the flap over the boot zip) after about 3 months (3,500 KMs).
    Jacket is tearing around the inside pocket in the meshy liner bit (nothing safety related) after about 5 months (6,000KMs).

    So I don't think that they're the longest lasting gear.

    That said, I got the gloves, jacket and pants for around the same as it cost me to get a pair of Held Titan gloves shipped over from sportbiketrackgear.com so I think they offer value for money!!

    I reckon RST are probably good for one slide, then replace. Be interested to hear the opinions of someone who's road-tested some RST gear actually.

    I'm pretty happy with the A* boots all up. My missus raised an interesting question though:

    Can you get bike boots resoled? Does it compromise the integrity of the boot?
  7. You've gotta stop putting your ciggies out with your foot.
  8. I think its the stogies that's doing it... who cares about cancer, these things are destroyin' me boots!
  9. Everything here is covered with diesel spills, lubes up the boots nice so they don't wear.
  10. just put your right foot down when doing 110km and there will be even again
  11. watch out for cats-eyes though.... it's painful
  12. ...and watch out for the man... taking your foot off the pegs is against the law. :roll: