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LEDs on bikes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Benlore, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    Saw a bike with a line of lightning blue LED lights on his bike at night. Looked great. Where can I get these and are they easy to hook up to the electrics?

  2. that reminds me... iv got green neons under my bike, i should connect em back up to the battery
  3. It can look a bit wanky when it's overdone though.

  4. I agree, BUT! the more light you emit at night the more visible you are.

    So im torn between not wanting to look like a tosser and being seen.

    Might not be so bad as long as you don't make the source visible, make it so the engine or any visible components are lit up only.
  5. Start adding any blue lights anywhere on your bike and you can bet you'll get some attention from the Police. They like their blue lights and dont like sharing them.

  6. and red... they are for emergency vehicles. Amber is for heavy vehicles.
    i've seen it policed in NSW not sure if the VIC muppets care though.
  7. If you really want to make it look like it "just hit vtec yo" any car accessory place like Autobarn or Supercheap should be able to help...
  8. Illegal. Don't even bother.
  9. I have a 1993 CBR600 and it has a gap under the headlight that does nothing. I bought some waterproof blue led's that come on a strip and glued them in to place. On a TNMR I was directed into a booze bus and while I was being tested, one cop said to the other, " Those led's look good " Gave me thumbs up and off I went.
    It really depends on the cop and in VIC they seem to really hate RED and WHITE led's at the front.

  10. http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLaw/Legislation/LegislativeInstrument1.nsf/0/8DDC880BC87F7548CA2570D6000354C1/$file/ADR+19-02+[FINAL+FRLI]+9-12.pdf

    This might give you some info.

    I see semi trailers with blue ,green ,yellow .....heaps of colour lights on them on the sides and top and bling bling neon under them and the RTA sits right out side my work 2 days a week pulling them over for checks and they seem to get away with it ,I would do some searching as it "might " not as illegal as it might seem.
  11. Autobarn has stips of 30cm/60 cm for 25 to 40 bucks.... Was thinking about putting them around the bottom of the Givi box. IE on the edge of the platform that the Givi box mounts on. Don't know if I will end up doing it though.
  12. As far as I am aware Any Blue Lights on a non emergency vehicle are illegal, any red lights that are forward facing are illegal.
    Any lights that oscillate or move other than indicators are illegal (except for vehicles on a worksite)
    I don’t know how much the police actually enforce it.
  13. from what i gathered from other sites, blue red and yellow gather attention, because they are reserved for emergency vehicles, like police, yellow serves as warning lights and red might interfere with brakelights, same goes for yellow and indicators.
    the unsaid gist was that if you had a colour such as green, had the strips set up so they werent visible from the outside, so inside farings etc, didnt use them profously and only had a few strips, globes wateva, the police tended to turn blind eye

    but +1 to being more visible with them on
  14. I recently saw a cruiser/chopper style bike going around with the entire engine and internals lit up with hidden LED's

    best part is every couple of seconds they faded to a different colour.

    It looked rather magnificent really

  15. it's very the "fast & the furious" or the bike movie version called "torque" if anyone's seen them...
  16. Any one with more LED pics?
  17. Why people want to spend time and money on illegal and WANKY attention seeking mods is beyond me. Say hi to the police.
  18. I guess the same can be said if we assume you are being plain and boring - not everyone's idea of fun, but you seem to enjoy it.
  19. Ok. I love instant experts. Especially when they are wrong.

    Coloured lights are not necessarily illegal.
    IF they are flashing / strobing they may be.
    IF they are one colour and NOT flashing / strobing they may not be.
    It depends on placement, brightness, purpose and color.