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QLD LED's, neons and all things shiny

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by brayo, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. so im still off the road and the wife has asked me to bling up the cage with a stereo and all manner of shiny things it got me to thinking

    what's the legality of led kits on a bike? is it like car's no forward facing red lights and no rear facing white lights?

    i put both wa and qld cause im moving to WA soon but im in QLD now

  2. As far as WA goes, this is all i am aware of;

    Road Traffic (Vehicle Standards) Rules 2002;

    So, no red to the front and no white to the rear.

    There is also a requirement that any lights must not "dazzle" other road users. But unless you got some damn bright LED's that should be a problem :)

    edit: there may of course be other requirements/rules that you'd need to check out first. I aint no gooberment employee and you should not take anything i say as gospel, or even as correct.
  3. Also, beware of under-car neons. Not currently technically illegal, but the coppers don't like 'em so you'll attract potential trouble. Also, efforts have been under way in the relevant Govmint departments to redraft the lighting regs to specifically ban 'em.

    Plus they look bl#*dy daft.

  4. This is one big thing i dont like about a small number of police here in WA. For some reason they decide they dont like something (even if it is perfectly legal) so they then go out of their way to "get" everyone for something.

    Of course I would completely support them if they were talking about some neons being confusing to other motorists, but i seriously doubt this is a genuine reason.
  5. One (of many) reason I left the Department was the frustration that stemmed from seeing the Yellow Sticker being used, on an "I don't like that" basis, as a de facto, all purpose traffic offense penalty. OK when vehicles are genuinely unroadworthy or faulty, but we used to see some really frivolous ones, and many for "defects" that do not exist under the Vehicle Standards regs. "Obscene decals" being one that sticks in my memory.

    If somebody's committed a traffic offense, nail 'em for it. But no. Much easier just to slap on a frivolous yellow sticker which does nothing to educate the driver and merely breeds contempt and resentment.

    And don't get me started on the ideas of some of our own examiners.......
  6. Hi, was wondering if anyone knew specifically if its legal to have neon lights under the fairings as your riding?

    Ive asked a few people who have had vairing opinions some say yes, others say no.

    I thought maybe you could as long as their not too bright and probably not red (could be confused as a brake light)

    thanks :)

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