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LED Voltage Meters for Bikes?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mjt57, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Last weekend on the PRR I blew a voltage reg on the B'Bird. Now, I'm getting another one hopefully on Monday. However, I'm still wary that it died due to being old or faulty or whatever. Therefore I would like to monitor system voltage. I am having a difficult time sourcing something appropriate.

    Ideally it would be waterproof to some degree. I'd also love it if it could be switched between say volts and amps so charge/discharge can be monitored.

    You know, this stuff used to be standard on cars many, many years ago. I s'pose in this day and age of ultra-reliability (as compared to back then), such accoutrements aren't probably considered necessary. But by the same token I'd like to at least monitor the bike's electrics in the short term.

    So, if anyone knows where I can source a small LED/LCD voltmeter I'd appreciate any info.

  2. Have you checked out Jaycar
  3. Yeah, so far, no luck. Ditto DSE and Tandy. Of course, i may be using the search engine wrong. Mostly I turn up multimeters. On some sites I get what appear to be precision measuring instruments costing over $300. I'd rather tape my multimeter to the bars and run a temp cable to it than pay that sort of dough. I really only want it for a while to keep an eye on things, to make sure that there isn't something that will cause another failure.

    Other sites have similar priced items but for marine use, etc..

    There was something on the Ozblackbird site but it's been offline since last week sometime, so I can't get on to search for it.
  4. Scarecrow.... ya linked the same thing twice! :p

    Anyway, i've got the Jaycar one that scarecrow didn't link. It does what i want it to (mainly the clock!), and was easy as pie to install. One gripe is that the backlighting failed after about 4 months of use... although i have a feeling that's cos it got soaked one too many times.

    Jaycar Voltage, Clock, & thingymeter

    PS. Long URL's make baby jesus cry!
  5. www.ecliptech.com.au has a great device which includes a battery mode.
    The producer of those is very open to any questions you might have.

  6. Thanks guys. I've copied the image from Koma's example and resized it in Photoshop to real size. Will see how that looks on teh dash.

    Doesn't look like it's water/weather proof from the photo, though. How does it go for that sort of thing?


    Ps. Just printed out the image and cut it out and placed it around the bike's dash. Unfortunately there aren't any decent spots that it could be mounted. No matter, I'll think of something.
  7. It might be OK for those on track days, but for every day use I don't think that I'd have a need for a rev warning device. I just need a cheap but reliably accurate voltmeter.
  8. The one i've got on my FZR1000 just fits in nicely underneath the gauges. That one came with velcro mounting sticky things. so i've stuck one to the bottom of the gauges (out of sight) and the other to the metal instrument cluster bracket. It doesn't really look stock, but it doesn't draw any unwanted attention. Out of the box the one i got wasnt quite accurate, but a quick calibration with a proper multimeter got it spot on. I quite like the three little LED's on it (red, amber, green) to show what the voltage is doing.