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LED Valve Caps

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Narene, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Not sure if this is the correct forum, please let me knwo if it is :eek:. Just wondering if anyone knew whether or not LED valve caps were legal to use in Victoria? I've read some forums however, they date back to 2006 and even then, there were some alternating views on whether or not it was safe to use. Not too keen on using them and being pulled over by a cop :/

    It's similar to these ones: Bike Bicycle Car Motorcycle Motorbike Cycling Tire Valve Cap LED Night Light

    I just thought it would create greater visibility and also personalise the bike (a bit)

  2. Yellow would probably be OK. Rules are White forward, Red back, Yellow for side visibility.
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  3. You will attract the wrong attention!

    I would avoid any aftermarket valve covers such as LED lights or tyre pressure sensors as they have been known to rip off valve stems which can end catastrophically.
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  4. Oh goodness, was not aware of that. Thank you both for your help! :)
  5. Not sure how it varies from state to state but as i understand it, white front, red back, orange sides. Any other lights and colours can be installed but the lighting prop can not be seen physically/directly. As in, it needs to be tucked in under farings.
    I did buy some of those led valve caps from ebay for a laugh imho while giving a nice effect they are cheap and nasty. A quarter of them dont work and the battery runs flat after a few weeks. Better used on bicycles.
    If you want pretty shinys on your steed, better off installing a full led kit! Fully sick mate :)!
    Ive ordered mine. Ill post a video of the install in a few weeks
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