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LED Tail light, are they better?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jypt, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. I am looking at investing in a LED Brake/Tail globe for my bike.

    They look like they give you that little extra safety when on the road.

    Anyone have an opinion.

    I am not concerned at the price as they are around $20-$25 but more are they better than the standard globe.

    My point so far is that if my standard globe blows while riding i will never know but with the LED at least they have a longer life.

    BUT are they brighter and better???
  2. Hi jypt.

    My bike is black and i ride on one of the darkest road to and from work with semi trailers zoooming past.
    I got a bright tail light might be LED not sure ,but think it is.
    Anyways check out the pictures on my link ,I got 2 LED bright lights that just bolt onto the number plate ,I hooked then up to the number plate light ,I'll tell ya they are bright if you want to be seen for saftey and they look cool.
    Get them at most motorcycle shops $30.

  3. Thanks Sleddog

    I was checking some LED globes that plug straight into existing incadesant bayonet slots at Jaycar and also searching the net i found some interesting stuff.

    Interesting that some bike shops dont stock them. I thought as a saftey thing they would be a must have.

    PS: Love the M50, real nice! :grin:
  4. I replaced all my indicators, brake light, number plate, for led lights. And they are alot brighter than the normal lights. I have been told that they are not supposed to blow??
  5. The taillight on my CBR is an LED and the missus says it as bright as buggery when she's directly behind me but of to the side just look like a normal light.
    Oh and it looks bloody awsome! :cool:
  6. yep the kitty now has a 954 led light in it and it's alot brighter then stock..... so not only does it look better it's also a saftey mod ;)
  7. my partner just put these in his FZ 750 and they are a lot brighter he got them from Clipstone in Ringwood
  8. I want one too now..

    did some looking for everyone


    CAT. NO. KC5349

    was going to use the link but haven't gotten round to doing tinyurl thingy
  9. Something in the back of my mind (yes I have one) is telling me that I've seen something that the units they sell at Jaycar are not road legal. Don't know why or if it's true but having seen the "globes" on the shelf they look like a good way to convert existing lights to LED.

    Be careful when updating lights as if you go too bright on tail lights people behind you may not notice when you hit the brakes, just look at those bright rear fog lights on some cars and how annoying they are.
  10. I have the LED tailights, Only Problem is by changing to them I don't have any illumination on my numberplate, as they are directional they can be easily seen from behind, actually brighter.

    But the cover diffuses the light enough to be seen from about 45degrees.

    The issue with the LED taillights comes about when your standard taillight also illuminates the plate.
    Need to wire in a new set of white leds that face down to the plate.

    Definately better as long as you wire in a light to illuminate your plate.
  11. I was at jaycar the other day seen these neon lights ,its about 15 cm long ,skinny like a pencil with a hole at each end for a zip tie.
    I wanted to put one over my motor in dark purple ,looks cool,LMAO.
    So I put one under the bike to try them out ,looks ok and notice the light is in front of the back tyre ,you it doesn't put the person behind off ,just be seen from the side and infront .
    Total cost $20 ,with a on/off switch i can use while on the move ,or with the motor off.

    I only have them for safety.

  12. My SV650 has an LED tail light as standard, it's very bright at night and very hard to miss. They are a good thing to have from a safety point of view. :)
  13. brighter. less energy. blow less. and they have a split-second faster response time in lighting-up compared to the bulbs.
    get 'im, boys