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LED strips for extra indicators

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by logularjason, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. I am keen to add some amber LED strips under my tail to catch motorist's eyes as I indicate. There are plenty on the market (e.g. search ebay for "led strip indicator"), but they're mostly fastened with double-sided 3M tape, which seems pretty flimsy to me. I'll be putting them on a new Street Triple, so want to do a quality job that will last. I prefer surface mounted - I am not yet ready to cut out big rebates in my new toy, but would maybe consider a couple of holes for rivets, etc.

    Anybody know of good ones?

    Thanks for any tips. Jason.
  2. Hey mate. If you get good 3m tape some of them are pretty amazing. There is a red tape. I'm not sure if it's 3m but they use it on some of our buildings to stick aluminum panels to frame work with no other fixings. Seems crazy to me but it works. Whatever you end up doing post some pics I'd be interested in seeing what you do
  3. Thanks Mooney. Yeah, tape on the back of these things is very common - I have used it before to put red/white LED strips on my quadcopter builds to make it clear which is the front/back because it's easy to lose orientation when they are a long distance away. The lights are really clear, and they seem to stay stuck OK - never peeled at all so far.

    The bike is a different story though because there's a cosmetic factor. Fastening those strips with tape I think will give a bit of a DIY "stuck on" look. I am hoping there is something out there in a tidy low-profile sleeve or similar that will not make it look like an add-on.
  4. My tip. Don't bother, I've never once wished my indicators where more eye catching.

    And you also may as well just donate money to the police xmas party now and save the hassle.
  5. Cheers Bjpitt. I'm different - I am always zipping between cars and use the indicator a lot to flag that I'm about to pop across. I'd find it comforting to know that they're beeing seen. If it's a tidy & conservative job, I think the coppers will leave me alone. I look like one of them now with my new Movember moustache.

    These ones are getting close to what I am after because they are flexible and in a bit of a housing. Still stick-ons though. They'll have to deal with road muck, vibration, and my high-pressure cleaner:

  6. So you are saying you change lanes like you are in a car, good luck with that...
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  7. Out of curiosity - is there any legalities re adding extra / custom indicator lights to your bike? I believe with cars you're only allowed 2 brake lights with an optional third in the rear screen or spoiler. I know it's picky - but so are some cops.
  8. Probably, one of these days they'll regulate, tax and penalise our breathing.

    [EDIT] I've got mine wired as aux lights with an on/off switch though, and only use the white not the amber. [/EDIT]
  9. Jason, you can get paper tapes that are much thinner and stronger than the regular foam tapes. That might help achieve the look you are going for.
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  10. Do you have an example?
  11. Have a look at www.holdfastcom.com, Kikisui double sided acrylic tissue tape.
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  12. It's illegal. There's no way that you can ensure that they meet the luminous flux requirements.