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LED running lights (side lights like on a truck)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ad91on, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. I bought a bunch for my car so I thought hell, may as well put some on the bike.





    They are the most similar to the top one in that last photo.

    They look quite alright on the bike; very flush. I had to drill the fairing to mount them nicely but I am glad i did!

    The amount of light the emit is quite impressive. They shine amber forward and red rear. Haven't seen any other bike with ones like these on them so thought i would share.

    Cost me about $60 for a set of 10 on ebay. They are submersible and mount without visible screws. Great buy in my opinion!
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  2. This is far more sensible than hi-vis vests. I have some thoughts for my bike and will post a photo when I'm done.
  3. needs more lights
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  4. it look so cool, by the way, it seem a police moto
  5. Actually the ADRs specifically prohibit them on anything other than trucks. It's something rural cops are certainly aware of, as 4wd/ute owners trying to make their car look like a Kenworth provide a ready source of income for them.
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  6. All you need now is a straight pipe exhaust to complete the road safety package.

    At least thats what you tell the officer, and your next door neighbours.
  7. Done that too buddy! :D

    Took the old girl for a blast around hte block without a muffler at all... sounded like moto gp! With the new pipe on it sounds pretty sweet too, just not as loud. Looks great too! Will post pics eventually.

    And yes, more people have been noticing me since.
  8. I thought, as long as they were the correct color (i.e yellow on the sides red at the back) there was no issue? Regardless, they can fine me if they want because they look awesome and are safe too.
  9. Nope. You're allowed amber reflectors on the sides, but not lights (other than the indicators of course).

    Of course as long as you're happy with the fact your bike is now unroadworthy then that's fine - I'd certainly consider lights a more viable safety option than a loud exhaust pipe.
  10. Where does it say so?
    When I did my research I found nothing about amber lights not being allowed on your bike. It doesn't say they're legal either, though.
  11. Just need six ariels and a massive mud flap at the back and your set
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  12. ADR 19 covers all lights can be legally fitted to motorcycles - and this does not include amber side lights (which are only decscribed in the ADR for lighting on heavy vehicles and trailers).

    You won't find anything saying they're illegal in the same way you won't find a law specifically prohibiting fitting a 20ft neon cock on your bike. Neither one is specifically approved, so neither one is legal (though the latter will make you a lot more visible to traffic).
  13. Don't think i haven't thought about this :p

    You are right about this cock business. I will see what is on ebay.
  14. Do you worry that having the forward facing orange might hide your indicators from on coming traffic?

    i guess you almost always need to give way to the on coming traffic if your in a situation where you are indicating.
  15. Generally my fat ass blocks the yellow from being seen from directly infront. Also have installed indicator mirrors so i now have 2 sets of front indicators. I kinda went a bit LED mad on the old girl.
  16. Ya I had once a read through those design rules, but I was never able to find something saying that you are allowed to have only those mentioned lights and nothing else on your vehicle.
    Admittedly I got bored really fast trying to read it - it's not written so that you can read it like a good book ;) That repetition they use makes it very painful to read.
  17. sorry to say, but the led strip I stuck to the side of the tank on my hornet beats yours, runs along the 'join lip/seam' of the bottom of the tank and a little up to the front. White leds shining like shit, police dont seem bothered as light reflects sideways and forward but not backwards
  18. Each to his own I say.

    Ute's that want too be trucks is bad enough, but now bikes are doing the 'running' light thing too?
    All you need now is a big mudflap that says "Caterpillar' and a naked lady silhouette.