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LED lights under bike

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by landie130, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am only new to the forum, Anyway, Last Thursday night when I saw a group of Netriders at the Mobil service station (Rockbank / Deer Park) on 23/10/08 there was a bike there with colour lights under the bike that changed colours ( I was very impressed by this )and want to do this to my GSX1400. I have a few questions and would be grateful if someone could answer them
    1, Were do I get the LEDs from
    2, How much do they cost
    3, How hard is it to fit


  2. i would go with custom dynamics in the states
    between 200 and infinity depends were you want to stop
    and about 5 hours to fit properly with a remote controller saves time fitting a switch
    just order extra 2 core wire as some of the lights are not long enough.
    i did this with my last bike and worked well. i'm still trying to justify the exchange rate to by some for the new bike right at the moment
  3. I suggest you check these guys out, http://bikes.cavads.com, they do a fine job and in time, I will be getting my GPX done by them.
  4. Led lights under a bike are really easy to do, depending on how far you want to take it. I have put some on my vtr250 as a laugh. Doesn't look half bad actually and It does make me more visable at night (Not that I ride with them on... that wouldn't be legal...)

    I bought the neons/led at Jay car electronics and auto barn (make sure they are waterproof!) They can range from $10 to $50 depending. I bought a swith from jaycar that was waterproof and wired it all up myself. I don't have alot of knowledge about this sort of thing but it really very easy. You can wire it strait onto the battery but I bought a cigarette lighter plug attachment fo rmotorcycles (forget the company, someone in brisbane...) for about $50 and when I hit the switch it powers my GPS and turns the Neons/Leds on!

    Feel free to mesage me if you want to know more.
  5. Problem Phillip?

    The question begs to be asked. What the hell are you doing in this forum if you have such a distaste for LED on bikes?

    Is it not a bit sad that you actually went out of your way to view this thread and then actually reply with a :roll: ?

    Mate, your 2008 Hyosung GT250 Comet could probably do with some LEDs. Might help with the resale value...

    Nuf said.
  6. :LOL:

    that time of the month mate? :p

    mmm some bikes can pull of the look with LEDS, i reckon its half decent. that said, it's not for my bike.

    each to their own!
    especially Hyo owners, they can keep their own :LOL:
  7. Sorry, I can never quite understand this. It think it's an age thing...

    Motorcycles are for riding - not for pimping... :roll: :p
  8. tell that to any of the busa boys.
  9. eBay
    all those LED lights come from china anyway
    and there's some remote control switches with various length LEDs available right now all for about $50
    Cheapish way to make your bike stand out at night (all bikes are black in the dark)
  10. The other cool thing to do is go to bunnings and get some ply, you can whip yourself up a great GT wing knock-off pretty cheaply this way. You do have to use oil based paint as the water based stuff doesn't do so well in winter.
  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I heared Cardboard is the way to go these days!
  12. worked for my cars bodykit...

  13. I you do a search through the forum you will find this dissusion has been had a few times. I had blue neons fitted to my black Ninja, I thought they looked cool as did some of the other members, however, there are alwase going to be the nay sayers that can't handel it. (the extra light burns their fragile scalpes....;-) )

    It's your bike do to it what you will :)

  14. hahahaha.......sorry just had to laugh :)
  15. LED lights under bikes! Very cheesy I think?
  16. What do you guys recon? 3 hours of solid work :)
    lights controlled with a remote