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LED indicators very dim

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by heffa, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. I picked up some LED indicators which say they use high intensity LED's but they are almost invisible during daylight unless u are directly in line with them. I have not yet changed the flasher or added resistors to slow down the flash rate, so I'm wondering if that could have some effect.
    Did I buy crap indicators or do I just need to add resistance?

  2. resitance wont make them brighter.
    Id be looking at a flasher unit with a bigger charge.
    (car shop they u might be able to find one that will plug straight in)

    Or sometyhing else could be wrong
  3. Do you have the motor going? Mine seem a little duller and only 2/3rds of the leds light up if the motor is off. Normal when riding.
  4. Nah, gave that a shot, no different.
    I'm gonna get some globe indicators instead. Might see some as new LED indicators on the For Sale page soon :?
  5. I've never come across aftermarket LED's that are anywhere near as bright as the OEM units.
  6. Methinks its time to start experimenting with the Luxeon 5w led's. They will burn a hole in your retina from 100 paces, bright little fockers.

    You could use what, 3 of them on most circuits? easy. 3 leds with diffusing lenses. Win.
  7. some of the cheaper LEDs, even the ultra bright only have a 50~60 Degree spread. This creates a very narrow throw of light. Also depending on how they are wired the current will take the easiest route to complete the circuit.
    If for example there are three 3v and one 2.5v the other three will create very little light.
    Probably just the flasher tho
    good luck
  8. try the flasher box out of your car
    alot willl plug straight in especaily on older bikes.
  9. Or a crap load of hot glue around them, conducts LED light real well :grin:
  10. This is the problem. Very bright accross about 10-15 degrees, but otherwise theyre crap
  11. ive tried this on car interior lights, unfortunately the hot glue just blocks out some of the light and the resistor for the led heats up and melts the glue anyways, not to mention a hot day with the bike parked outside will have glue dripping out of the indicators :p