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LED indicators flashing faster at idle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Grrila, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    Strange one, for me at least. I just had some new LED bullet style indicators put on by my mechanic to replace my oem lights due to them having split rubbers and trying to commit suicide off my bike.

    Anyway I tested them at the shop and all worked well. Riding home about half way and I noticed at stand still or clutch in the indicators would blink quite quickly. Accelerate away and back to normal speed??? Mechanic said they put the resistors in so not sure what it is. Bike will be going back but don't want to be told that's how they are and the fobbed off. A pessimist is never disappointed...

    Anyway any ideas or suggestions to check? All lights are working just blinking quickly when the engine is at idle.
  2. The resistance changes with the voltage.
    Lower voltage at a stand still = lower resistance = lower load and subsequently higher flash rate.
    Higher rpm = higher voltage

    Just buy the LED flasher relay for $5 on ebay and fit it yourself, piss easy job
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  3. What's your bike btw?
    I'll try to find the one you need.
  4. It's a Kawasaki z750.
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  6. You're confusing resistance with current. Resistance (in ideal DC form) is constant and doesn't change until the magic smoke escapes. But your metaphor still works.

    Yep, the old thermal and newer electronic-but-doing-what-thermal-flashers-do adjust their flash rate based on current, to signal a bulb out. If a bulb is out, current is less, flash is faster. It used to be achieved by the heating of a bimetallic strip and is now emulated by a simple discrete circuit. When you see a vehicle with really fast indicators, it means that they have a bulb out (or have fitted LEDs without changing the flasher can).

    LED flashers usually have a fixed flash rate regardless of current.
  7. So here's an update to my saga of the LED indicators.
    I couldn't just replace the flasher unit because on the Australian yamaha stryker, these aren't the standard simple 3 wire units. I tried load resistors, but all that did was stop the indicator from working at all.
    Yesterday I went out and bought a standard 12v 21w globe and base and wired that across my LED lights. Again the LED stopped working.
    So I took it a step further and just used the globe and base on the indicator wires and that too would not light up or blink. While the front one still hyperflahed.
    So I'm now of the opinion that the stock indicators on (Australian) Strykers are a different voltage or something strange like that!
    Can anyone shed any light on this for me or offer some suggestions I could try? Particularly Australian owners.
    I can't easily disassemble and look at the stock indicators to see what they are.