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LED indicator installation.....

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Hey,
    I bought some new LED indicators front and rear for my hornet 250.
    I had to replace the relay and keith offered to fix it all up for me.
    We have been through 2 different relay boxes and none of them work.
    The relay is a flasher unit with 2 wires red and black. Once conected up all the lights flash and they are not bright at all.

    Keith worked out that there is not enough load on the relay to trigger the indicators so, he wired up 2 factory indicators into the same circuit and now they work fine.
    So i have 2 original indicators under the seat just to load the relay enough to trip the LED indicators. Surely sombody knows how to solve this.

    We have installed as per instructions but we have had nothing but bad results.

    When installing we tried using a resistor in the circuit to load the relay enough but when the indicators where in öff"position the relay was still ticking and flashing fast.

    Can anybody please help with this as its doing both our heads in.


    Im not great with this electrical stuff so I apologies for the possibly poor explanation.
  2. Hey Stookie,
    any chance of a link to the LED's you bought?
    sounds interesting if you can get it all working sweet.
  3. Yeah, i wanna get some too.

    But I want the ones that dont have any issues :p
  4. Measure resistance of single stock 12v globe, multiply by 2... insert appropriate sized resistor here?

    I've heard a few people end up just leaving their stock indicators in the boot of the bike, but that seems a little pointless to me.
  5. Use an inline resistor to each led. Sounds like the resistor you used may have been wrong strength.
  6. gimme 30mins and ill ask me brother his a nerd in this stuff he be able to give you a way to fix it
  7. i use a 20-W 5-O resister to get my ones to tick over at the right speed (and yes the little suckers get hot)
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  9. http://www.austreetfighter.com.au/scart/html/48.html this is the LED's


    this is the relay,
    We have the factory flasher hooked up at the moment as it is the brightest relay. They flash faster but it works. The relay I had to get from Austreetfighter Just didnt work and caused great problems. Never had as much trouble with anything before.
    The fasctory bulbs are still wired up in the tail so I have to leave it like that until you guys possibly find a solution.
    Putting a resistor in line with the indicators made the relay tick all the time even in the off position.And i decided that wasnt healthy....
  10. Pardon my ignorance of bike wiring but does the basic circuit go as follows??

    + Battery
    flasher can
    - Battery

    If that's the case then any resistor you put in should be placed in parallel with an LED on each side and not in series as putting it in series will just reduce the mount of current able to get to the LED. You should also have one per side and ensure it's placed between the LED's & the switch. If it ends up between the flasher can & the switch it will give a permanent path to earth and the flasher can will click whenever the ignition is on.

    There has to be suitable fully electronic flasher cans out there butit's a matter of finding them. The older (cheaper) ones rely on the resistance of the lamps to run the circuitry and determine the flash rate, hence a blown globe results in the flash rate going ape droppings on that side. LED's being diodes and using less current have a similar effect on the flasher can.
  11. I think your on the money there.
    Ive been through 2 flasher boxes, which where supplied by Austreetfighter as the pack. But not one of them worked.
    I just dont understand this at all. The factory flasher is the one that works best and the LED flasher box just doesnt work.
    2 bulbs in the ducktail to load the flasher box is a short term fix but not the solution Im looking for.

    I may just pull the LED's out and put standards back on.
    So keep posted for a full set of $200 LED indicators for sale for cheap.
    Im getting to b e over the whole issue.
    Might take it to a bike shop and ask about the issue when I get my new tyres put on.
  12. Leave it standard, stookie, just ride it and enjoy it!!

    {How's the new abode??}
  13. Stookie.
    Just have the LED indicators on the back and have the globe indicators on the front.
    You can get globe indicators that physically look the same as LED ones and they should flash at the same rate as standard.
  14. Thanks for the advice but isnt it a bit of a waste of money giving up when it should work.
    I got them working just not 100%.
    Im out riding and enjoying it but Im a bit of a perfectionist and dont like to leave a job half done cos it beat me.

    She'll be right just doesnt cut it.

    I'll work it out.