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LED headlights

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Zippah, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. I did a fair amount of research on the virtues of HID and LED, and decided to go the hard road, and converted my S4's single H4 globe into a multiple-globe LED hi/lo setup.

    At first I used a single 5 ¾" high beam with 2x 1 ¼" low beams but was unsatisfied with the low beam performance, so I augmented the low with a pair of 1 ¼" spot-beam lows.

    turned out okay I think.

    Flickr Set - S4 Headlights

  2. I've been messing around with making a twin bixenon headlight, but it doesn't even come close to looking as good as yours :)

    How have you found the output at night? My HIDs are bloody bright, but when I go around corners the cut off can sometimes not give me enough light to see around. Hibeam works well for corners though :D At least it was, my high beam output is a bit weird at the moment, it has gone from a nice wide trapezoid to a skinny upside down triangle.

    I'm considering redoing the lot with LEDs instead to get a better spread of light.

    Any chance of a few photos of the light (high and low beam) shining up against a wall and then down a road? I'd like to see the shape and spread of the beam before I spend money.
  3. Zippah,

    So where did you get the little 1 1/4" LEDs from?
  4. Great end result - now how do I do this for my old bike?
  5. Holy crap dude - that's one bright light!

    Looks good :D
  6. Are these just large XM-L cree like leds?
  7. Hi,

    The small square ones are the 10W type, aren't they ?

    Which beam widths are you using ? Have you tried the square ones with oncoming traffic at night ?

    I have a KLR650, and I was thinking in some kind of daylight driving lights, but I can not choose between the 8 degree or 30 degree pattern.

    Many thanks in advance.
  8. They do look like 10W.

    Ebay knock-offs by the looks. Copies of the VisionX Solstice pods from your local bike shop or Twisted Throttle Denali D1 lights online.

    For daylight lights that may as well be available at night on high beam the Twisted Throttle Denali 2 lights are good. Adjustable but basically 40% intensity on low beam, then increase instantly to 100% on highbeam.

    Clearwater Glendas would be similar, though less penetration.
  9. I wonder how much a pair of 1199 led heads lights be worth.
  10. What does the beam look like on the road ? I can't imagine it being any more than a flood ? i.e with no proper beam pattern ?