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LED Hand Protectors (barkbusters)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ad91on, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Just installed a set of these off ebay and, having never seen any other bikes with them on around, thought i might share how much i am liking them and what a nice, cheap, practical piece of bling they are.

    Cost me $40 (+$45 shipping but is still reasonable for a set of hand protectors) and took about 10 minutes to install.

    They add a nice whiteness to the headlight and i haven't been merged on yet so they must be working for that too. They aren't exactly blinding in daylight but you can see that they are on. I really like them!


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  2. interesting....is there a option to get them to indicate??
  3. but if there's holes in them they don't keep cold air out, do they?
  4. They seem to make a difference, but i am going to plug them up with a bit of tape during the cold season.

    As far as getting them to indicate, you could wire them to your indicators but then you would really want to change the LEDS to amber and that is getting all a bit too complicated for my liking. Although, it wouldn't be too hard to change them if you found a strip of LEDS that fit them nicely; it is only 2 screws holding the LED strip in and would be a pretty direct swap.

    Personally i prefer them on all the time.
  5. thanks for that

    I've thought about bark-buster type things for winter, to go with the Oxfords....
  6. as a fellow hornet owner I have to say this... change the stock indicators.. they are butt ugly!
  7. See i COULD do that... or i could just deal with it and have nice, big, fat, luxury spec indicators that appear to do their job correctly and spend the money on led hand thingos :D
  8. you can't install tiny indicators and then complain that people can't see you.....
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  9. I found my aftermarket ones are twice as bright as the big fat stock ones :)
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  10. Easily damaged barkbusters, that's got to be a niche market.
  11. suits your bike :)
  12. Well i bought them didn't i? clearly a niche worth exploiting :p
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  13. Are they actually "bark busters" or some other brand?
  14. They are some misc brand.

    I just said barkbusters because people more readily associate barkbusters with these than 'hand protectors'.
  15. Just curious if on the package it mentions this (from the ebay description):

    Dual Sport Motorcycle Handguards with Turn Signals
    Integrated blinkers with bright white LED's are not only effective but add style to your motorcycle or ATV.

    Would probably be overkill on my wee bike.. but an interesting concept!
  16. I think it did say that on the listing. The light is definitely white tho. If you want indicators go for the indicator mirrors - i've got them, the handguard things AND the stock indicators so there are no excuses for smidsying me. And that's before the side lights, HID headlight and little amber glow things i have in the engine bay!
  17. Eek, there is no back bone? You're better off getting legit "Barkbasters" and purchasing some led strips!
  18. Then get some real bark busters, drill some holes in them and wire up some LEDs yourself.
    I wouldn't mind doing it myself if I got my hands on some of those daytime driving LEDs I see on some newer cars, those things stick out like dogs balls.
  19. i doubt ad91on needs actual bark busters on the hornet, even though it does ok off road, i think singletrack is probably out of its reach.
  20. they would be useful for bashing mirrors in traffic though! Maybe get big spikes put on the ends? so they are both defensive and offensive?