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LED bar driving light

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Doch, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. I'm looking at getting an LED bar driving light and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. Has anyone had any experience fitting the electrics.

  2. A mate of mine fitted one to his '12 Wee-Strom, just below the nose cone, ahead of the forks and loved it.
    That's all I can contribute on the topic.
  3. mate I seem to remember someone here recently fitting some small light bars to either side of the front fairing but I cannot find the post
  4. Yep I remember too - a red CBR500R I think but can't find the post either.
  5. yeah that's the one
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  6. There's a few different set ups shown in 'what's been done to your bike today'.
    Are they good ? It depends what your goal is and the type of riding you do.
    A fine long beam is great for extra vision down long straights.
    A big spread is better for seeing wildlife before its on the road in front of you.
    None of them can see around corners.

    Wiring is easy, no different to any driving light set up.
    Use the high beam switch to activate a relay. Run main power directly from the battery to ensure that they get good power. Add another switch to the circuit if you'd like to disable them rather than have them on every time.
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  7. I fitted a couple of LED's to the bolts holding the front brake caliper. The beam follows the wheel and is great around bends.
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  8. If you really want well proven aux lighting specifically for bikes, look at Clearwater lights.
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  9. Until you counter steer!

    One of the great advantages of the LED H7 (main beam) replacement that I have is the beam spread, lighting up the sides of the road and more of the corner due to scatter. Then again, the Xenon dip beam with gyro-stabilisation keeps a level beam and therefore illuminates the corner nicely.
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  10. HeliHeli I'd be interested in these LED high beams for the K
  11. $75 delivered from eBay. Intense white light, naturally not so focussed as the incandescent H7s but equal distance illumination and good local scatter for night riding out of town.

    6,000lm each, LED H7 replacements
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  12. Thanks Heli
  13. Fitting the Electrics is the easy part... pretty much as described by 'Stever42' in his post.

    Finding a place on the bike that is strong enough to support the bracket and light/s and will handle the vibration as well as road shock is the real trick.

    I bought my lights from Snake Racing, and they came with a top quality wiring loom including relay and switch. I designed and built my own mounts from 3mm stainless steel, loosely modelled on the FJR1300 Police bikes under mirror mounting style. These lights cost $430 a pair, and are made in USA.
    Clear water lights are excellent too, and are also as expensive if not more so.

    Now, I am struggling to find a good place to mount lights on my VFR800X...

    Cheers, Fred.
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  14. Yep I had the same problem. I was thinking of mounting two small 3 led bars on either aside of the screen
  15. i have fitted a 12" light bar to my victory 8ball about 18 months ago as i ride every day , doing shift work so i ride every week in the dark being early morning or night time , and being in the country we have roos always cows getting out and everything else to test ya , gotta love them truck tyre retreads hiding on the road , i first tried motorbike small spot flood lights , they were ok , but you still 3 light spots on the road and doesn't light up the side of the road . i took of the spottys and fitted the light bar (ebay) and its the best $50 i have spent , it lights up the road awesome also both sides of the road so you can see anything moving , has already save me butt with a dog running out on me one night , the only down side was its so bright that when you put your low beams back on its about as bright as a dolphin touch and take time for your eyes to get use to the dull low beams , i updated the low beam globe to a white +140% i think it was and that has fixed the problem , it doesnt look the best but its the best upgrade i have made , sorry about the long reply , but i love it , Leroy
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  16. I haven't done much bike modding like this, I'm more of a tinkerer, the pull-it-apart-and-forget-how-it-goes-back-together kind of tinkerer. But would it be at all possible, to throw a fork brace on over the front guards, and then mount a horizontal light bar to that? I've been thinking about this for a while, as the firestorm lights are abysmal and without using the fairing the only practical place to stick some lights is on the forks...
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    I had a 100w rectangular spottie fitted to the bottom of the bikini fairing on my 400 suzi years ago. it worked well and didn't get in the way under heavy braking. todays thin lightweight LEDs should be fine for this kind of application.
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  18. Lots of guys on DR650 fit LED bars to their bikes. Have a google for them and you'll get a good idea of what they look like and options.
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