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LED accent lighting

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jane Deaux, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. Anyone have anything like this installed on their bike? Even if you have any other extra sort of lighting on your bike aside from the head and tail lights?

    Saw a bike the other day, cruiser type with blue accent lighting. Looked more like it was for cosmetic purposes but I'm looking into something a little less ostentatious. I just like the idea of appearing more visible at night.

    Please and thank you :)

  2. I love your username, Jane :LOL:
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  3. I saw a group of night riders on Dandy mountain a few weeks ago and one of the riders looked like he had lights on each of his mirrors and 2 on the rear or his bike, just like 2 little bright pin spots to accent the width of his bike. Looked really nice as well without the tackiness I find the whole accent lighting of the engine and fenders etc.
  4. I resemble that remark.


    was it me you saw?

    What did you want to know?
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  5. I think so! If you're in Melb... I saw the bike on the way to work going city bound on the Monash. I love that blue but I'm not sure I would like to have so much light. Where did you get your lights from? What choices did you have in terms of colour?

    Thanks :)
  6. Electro Luminescent Paint is another option

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  7. Melbourne yes, Monash - not so much but you'll see me on the Eastern often.

    Does it make me more visible at night? More than one thousand reflective vests, hell yeah.
    Is it legal? 100% yes, chapter and verse so long as you follow the rules*
    Does it make me look like a wanker? I'm sorry, you have mistaken me for someone who gives a crap what anyone else thinks.

    *The rules
    Keep in mind that there are kits out there that depending on how you use them are legal and illegal.

    Where do I find out?
    Follow me as I draw the links to how and why it is in Victoria specifically, start here-
    Notify VicRoads of changes and modifications : VicRoads
    VSI8 - Part 4 - Approved modifications - additional lighting, forward and rearward facing lamps which comply with the standards for registration.
    And that's where it all starts to get complicated as they no longer publish Vehicle Standards Information sheets such as VSI10 which used to define exactly what you could and could not have. Now you have to find a Vehicle Standards bulletin on the Federal site:
    Vehicle Standards Bulletins for any changes that refers to the ADR for compliance. For example ADR6 which refers to indicators or ADR 55 which refers to Headlamps for Motorcycles.

    What's allowed:

    This can actually be defined more by what's NOT allowed as there is such a diverse range of options they no longer try to specify every little LED you can think of and just outline what you cannot have which is:
    Rotating or flashing lights of any colour other than what is defined in ADR6 for the specific purpose of direction indication. So if it flashes - Nope.
    Messing with any of the regulated colours or lamps. Basically - don't change the license plate light or position lamp to blue no matter how cool you think it looks. Don't change any of the existing lamps to anything except the same colour and position of what it was when the bike was made and first registered.

    Everything else is additional lighting so long as it doesn't interfere with the regulated lighting. So for example, you cannot have any red lights facing the front, nor white lights facing the rear. You cannot have amber, red lights as they're regulated colours.

    So that leaves every other colour of the rainbow for your delight, so long as it doesn't flash nor blind anyone in intensity nor mask or obscure the regulated lights.

    Note there is a comprehensive guide here for Street Rods which is really fascinating if you're in to modifying your vehicles. Stick with this and you can't go wrong.
    Street Rod Manual

    And for those into loud exhausts - check out ADR83.

    So - where did I get mine from? Initially - Kmart as I've had them since 2005. But they don't sell them any more. I found Jaycar actually have a better set of water proof ones and even Autobahn has a good range. There are now thousands of options and kits on eBay you can try, a mate of mine has this 19 colour BlueTooth setup that lets him change colours to anything he wants from his mobile phone which is cool, but mine was more subtle as I was going for that terminator three sort of look. A hint is to try keeping all the LEDs themselves hidden inside the fairing and just let the light reflect off the chrome or other parts to accent the shapes and outlines. You really need to pull the bike apart to fit them and hide the wiring. Make sure you test it in the dark to see how it looks rather than just slapping them on everywhere and end up looking like a clown car. Or a wanker.

    Have fun!
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  8. Thank you very much, answered so many questions I didn't know I had! :D
  9. Wow..........

    ............goes to learn more about this Wizardry......
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  10. Hey Jane DeauxJane Deaux !

    One of the stores I've been watching lately has mentioned it's selling helmet lighting now- I don't know about the legality of this (in either VIC or NSW) but the shop is Vic based so they may have an idea of the rules if you ask them.
    It's at this link, scroll down and you'll see them under "lightmode":
    Moto Femmes | Motorcycle Helmets

    I love the idea of LED lighting for both helmet and bike - Once I figure out if it's allowed in NSW I'd love to invest in some - while I'd love red lighting it might mess with my "regulated lighting" as WolveWolve mentioned (i.e my tail light)
    So maybe purple, to match my hair? :D
  11. Nice! Thank you!

    I think LED lighting is an excellent feature to consider for motorbikes from a safety and cosmetic PoV; it obviously increases visibility and its a very customisable way to make you're bike look great.
  12. XK Glow XKchrome App Control Standard Accent Light Kit - Motorcycle Superstore

    found this really cool kit online, for anyone interested. You can pick any colour via smart phone app and features a smart brake function that makes the lights go red when the breaks are applied, which I think it a very cool feature. There are various kits depending on how much you want to accent your bike :)
  13. Late comer to this party.

    WolveWolve, dude thanks for all that info!
    I've been thinking about doing some subtle LEDs now that I'm commuting 40mins everyday across the city, so a lot of night/early morning riding in the dark... on a black bike :unsure: lol
    Appreciate it! Was getting confused upon confused trying to figure this info out from VicRds website.
  14. Lights in the helmet already exists.

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  15. The best part is when discussing it with the constabulary and they agree with you.
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  16. I was watching Highway Patrol last week. There was a segment where the patrol pulled over a rider that had Blue LEDs on the rear of his bike. They let him off with a warning but issued a canary and instructions to report with the bike to VicRoads to show that he had removed the offending lights. The officer told the camera that the only vehicles allowed to have blue lights are police vehicles, this was underlined in a text overlay that in Victoria the only vehicles permitted to have blue lights are police vehicles.


    Can anyone point me to where it says anywhere in legislation that the colour blue is reserved for police vehicles only?

    Under emergency lighting, it specifically mentions that only emergency vehicles may have blue and red flashing lights as I have mentioned previously. You also cannot mess with any regulated lighting or use blue in these. However that does not cover any additional or accent lighting that is fixed or reflective and non flashing. If their statement were true, then any vehicle with blue coloured dash lights that can be seen outside the vehicle would be illegal.

    Section 118.2 of Schedule 2 in the RSVR states that "A vehicle must not be fitted with a light or reflector not mentioned in the Vehicle Standards without the written approval of the Corporation." Exempt vehicles Only. IE: Emergency vehicles/Road works vehicles/Tow Trucks etc.

    (3) Subject to subclause (4), a vehicle must not be fitted with—
    (a) a light that flashes;
    (b) a light or reflector that—
    (i) shows a red light to the front; or
    (ii) shows a white light to the rear; or
    (iii) is shaped or located in a way that reduces the effectiveness of a light or reflector that is required to be fitted to the vehicle under the Vehicle Standards.
    (4) Despite subclause (3) and any requirement of a third edition ADR, an exempt vehicle may be fitted with any light or reflector, and a special use vehicle may be fitted with one or more flashing yellow lights.

    So the challenge to our legal eagles here - what legislation has the officer and the highway patrol program quoted in this segment and is their interpretation correct?
  17. It would place all Ambulances & Fire Engines in contravention of the law. Good luck pulling over an ambulance or Fire engine on emergency response to give them a lecture on the colour of their lights. :)

    From This document: https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/~/media/files/documents/safety-and-road-rules/vsi12_web.pdf?la=en

    Fire Brigade, Ambulance and State Emergency Service vehicles may be fitted with red and blue flashing or
    rotating warning lamps. Unless otherwise approved by the Roads Corporation, other emergency vehicles
    may be fitted with yellow flashing or rotating warning lamps except that Roads and Department of Transport
    vehicles as described in (e) may be fitted with magenta flashing or rotating warning lamps. Vehicles owned or operated by the Australian Protective Service, Australian
    Customs Service or Airservices Australia may be fitted with one or more flashing or rotating warning lamps of a colour determined by VicRoads.

    Otherwise normal light restrictions would apply White forward, Red rearward and Yellow elsewhere.
  18. IMAG3273. IMAG3276. IMAG3277. IMAG3278. IMAG3280.
    Finally received my LED lights... Different colour dependant on what mood i am in...lol

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  19. That looks great, Nurse! That reflective light is awesome - and with those neutral colours it stands out, doesn't it?
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