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Lectre's Birthday

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Black Magic, May 1, 2007.

  1. I am a week too early but I know there will be loads of Queenslanders wanting to wish our riding buddy Lectre a very Happy Birthday for the 8th of May!

  2. gee, can u guys wish me an early birthday too?

    happy birthday for sometime soooooon lectre.....
  3. Yeah every day for the next 3 months would be good for me too.

    Happy birthday.
  4. Probably not a bad idea, on his birthday he'll be too busy riding off into the sunset with a knapsack on his back to worry about checking the boards :wink:

    Happy 'early birdy' birthday, Lectre :grin:
  5. :birthday: hippy barfday lectre... :birthday:
  6. to true happy birthday mate!!!!
  7. Thanks for the Snappy Mirthday wishes everyone!
    I'm doing what myself and my friends call the "B'day Trial By Firewater" on Tuesday the 8th (which is my actual birthday) where we all meet for pre-breakfast cocktails, and then see how long the antics keep up for. When the b'day boy has had a skin-full, we eat and attempt phase 2, eat again, repeat.
    Disclaimer :- KIDS Do not try this at home. We are professional binge drinkers and hold very little regard for our kidneys and liver.
    So after I conquer my hangover (most likely thursday) I will indeed be cruising on off into the sunset. I'm pretty stoked as this is the first voluntary holiday I've had in 3.5 years, and with my profession being a constant source of stress I fully intend to unwind. It'll also be a treat as I've just gotten my bike tuned up, and apparently it was running super-rich; now that it's been adjusted it feels like a new machine!
    Cheers everyone :cool: and I very much look forward to our next ride!
  8. Lectre- you know if you just keep changing your profile once every year you will never get to be a day over 29! :wink:
    (I should have thought of this myself a couple of months ago before my big 'decade change'! :LOL:
  9. hmmmm kinda reminds me of the birthday where i challenged a group of lifeguards to a vodka-drinking/headbanging contest............. :shock:

    oh yeah - and i was the ONLY one up the next morning in time for beach training..... :LOL:

    glad you've got the day planned lectre...