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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Demaros, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've decided that i can no longer be apart of this community for personal reasons.

    Good luck and safe riding.

  2. Sorry you're going mate, ride safe!
  3. why post if your leaving?

    why am i writing a question to someone who has left? :?

    whatever :roll:
  4. you can check out any time you like...
    but you can NEVER leave :twisted:

    You'll be back.
  5. Hey Demaros, haven't you read my sig?? :LOL: :p
  6. meh... what gives?
  7. don't think he will be back....
  8. drama queen :roll:

    message too short
  9. name calling is not permitted on this site..... :LOL: didn't you read the 4wd thread atm
  10. :roll: And so the "I'm leaving" song and dance begins.
  11. shall we all get together and throw a farewell party? sign a card? bake a cake? pehaps a signed photo of each of us to keep you thinking of us on your journey?

    :LOL: :LOL:

    sorry mate, i dont think the care factor is very high here :wink: maybe you'd like to liven the thread up a little with some tales of sailing the seven seas with blackbeard the pirate or something? because "i'm going" doesn't really make for a very interesting thread IMO :roll: :p
  12. How does that song go again ...... oh yeah

    Im leaving ...... on a jet plane .... dont know when i'll be back again

    Thats the younger generation for yahs ,
    It's all about ME .... ME ME ME

    "its me".... "and me too" Mr Smith from ???
  13. Geez guys leave the poor kid alone.
    He said it was for personal reasons which may or may not have to do with netrider as such.
    Good luck and safe riding if you are still riding.
    That's if you have read this.

    ( I think he met Groberts and was scared to come back)
  14. bye now .........
  15. Hello and Goodbye
    Until we meet again,
  16. Nope , he's never had a bike lic etc etc
    and he only joined to give his Ex crap and try and put the wind up her
    And now she and everyone else is ignoring him ( and alot of his posts where deleted as they where personal attacks about her via this site )

    He's departing .... Boo Hoo
  17. Don't let the door hit ya arse on the way out :D

    Cheers 8)
  18. yeah, i thought it was that bloke.... sounds like a real top bloke :LOL:
  19. my point was why say "i am leaving"... just leave
  20. Yep would not want to upset nancie boys who love pushing the blue button

    Cheers 8)