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leaving your helmet?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Phoenix, May 3, 2008.

  1. was just wondering does anyone use the hooks under your seat to leave your helmet on the bike while you go off shopping or whatever?

    im thinking knowing my luck i will get some prick come along and either cut the straps or piss in it...

    anyone had any problems?
  2. I never leave my helmet. Never have, never will. I know human nature too well......
  3. I sit it on the ground and chain it to my front wheel. If u get it nice and snug, it is hard for anyone to move it, let alone piss in it.
  4. I ALWAYS take it with me...
  5. Because I ride a Behemoth, I have three panniers to choose from (one actually can store two helmets!!).

    I would not be keen to hook it on the bike. I want my $700 to be there when I get back.

  6. only leave it at roadwarriors or robertsons pie shop
    all other times its too expensive to leave on the bike.
  7. I usually take it with me, unless I can see my bike from where I am
  8. G'day everyone,....

    I take mine with me,...
    The attachment on my bike would have the helmet scratching the paintwork should some child come along and start playing with the helmet.

    Came back to my bike one day to find some child trying to rock the bike side to side.
    The mother was sitting nearby having her yuppie's coffee.
    Imagine a child banging your helmet on your bike,......?
    Just take it with you.

    Dr Who?
  9. God Damn I hate that sh#t! I would have picked up the kid by the legs and beaten the mother with the Kid, I see stuff like that and I see red. :evil:
  10. I also don't like to leave my 'good' helmet on the bike. Only takes one moron or thief to ruin your day. When I head down to the shops I usually take one of my old helmets and lock it to the bike. Personally I've been thinking of getting a Pacsafe helmet bag.


    Anyone got one?
  11. Wow, I'm pretty different to everyone here. I always leave my helmet hooked to the bike. It's a medium priced helmet, but it's never even occurred to me not to leave it behind. I also stuff my gloves, neck warmer, ear plugs, sunnies in the helmet and just walk off.
    Never had it touched and I've left it for hours at a time.
    I'll keep doing it as well, perhaps I have a naive belief in that what you look for you get, eg. look for the honesty in people and you'll find it and vice versa.
    Course I'll probably be the first one to post here and whinge if it actually does ever happen to me!
  12. G'day everyone,.....

    I see the kid rocking the bike onto itself or burning itself on the exaust,.....
    Then the PC police will come after me not the mother for her un-restrained child.

    Political Correctness: the excuse not to do the right thing!

    Dr Who?
  13. My helmet was only $200...
    I leave it locked on my bike when at uni
    I usually leave it on my bike while at the shops, but depends on the mood i'm in. Where i park it, there is CCTV from the shops cause of the mall rats, so if anything happened i'd be able to see who it was.... I know, i know, i wouldn't recognise them... But i'd just wait there, every day, with their photo, until they walked past again.... then BAM....
  14. Yeah i'm the same. The way the helmet locks on my bike has the inside facing the bike. And its hard to move it around much.
  15. Im a motorcycle courier. When im working i just leave mine sitting on the tank bag. Its become habit to do that whether im working or not. EXCEPT FOR SCHOOL HOLIDAYS for obvious reasons! I do think about what a biatch it wqould be if some bugger pinched it but i take my chances. I guess it only needs it to happen once and i will never leave it again, but until then...
  16. 95% always take it. Costs to much for me to replace. 5% is if I can see it.
  17. Always lock my lid in my panniers or topbox
  18. Always hide it (in the rear bag) or lock it to the bike, or take it. Only time I left it one the ground chained to the bike, I came back, put it on -- and found it full of VERY pissed-off bull ants!!!!

    Never again ....
  19. I saw one of these today and i thought of getting one
    But then i saw the $100 pricetag and decided it's not worth it

    Anyone had experience with these lidsafe? If it's not effective that's pretty much my helmet+an extra 100 devoured

    Oh, and know of any shops selling them for cheaper?
  20. Mine doubles as a "handbag" so I always take it! Besides would be a pain if it got stolen & I can't lock mine to my bike!