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Leaving the bikes for a little while. :-(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BalmyBrowny, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Just wanted to say thanks to netrider for your wealth of information, great entertainment and allowing me to meet many other enthusiasts :)

    I have just said goodbye to my gixxer (bumblebee) on Tuesday last week. Couldn't post eralier as my internet was throttled and really struggled trying to sign in or anything. After getting my job with a work ute, i found i wasn't riding the bike very often at all... was my commuter and toy. I was a chef for 10 years, so didn't really get to have a family life with my kids (5 and 18mths) and since changing jobs, i've found it hard to go out on the bike on weekends instead of doing family things. therein making the bike an expensive hoby that wasn't getting much time.

    Was a hrad decision to sell my baby. But was made easier knowing that i'll be back on a bike in the next few years when the kids grow up a bit and its easier to get away more often :) That and i'll be able to afford it better as a hobby.

    I will still be around reading on here, as i still love bikes and all things to do with them :)

  2. Mate,
    I'm not in your position yet however I know I will be, one day...so already I can understand your situation.
    Here's hoping we see you back on a bike sooner than later.
    All the best mate,
  3. Good on you, Browny - much as I love bikes, you're making the right decision. The kids are only young once, and you really don't want to miss that.

    I took about 10 years off, I think, or maybe 15, while my two were little, and have come back to enjoy riding again... and now they're teenagers and keen to get their own bike licenses and ride with me.
  4. Good decision mate, nothing more important than family. Good to hear that your still going to lurk and give some advice to the noobs when they need it.
  5. As hard as it was, Good on Ya for putting your family 1st.
    Hope to see ya lurking about here.
    Good Luck Browny!
  6. Good man! I can see I'll have to make that decision in a few years... though if my wife could she'd make me give up bikes today.

  7. Ohh she will codemonkey... she will
  8. I am about to face that decision myself. My credit card debt is piling up. I have not sat on my bike for a while.
  9. Well done. It is an important decision. I made it in 2004 and sold my SP1 (I shed a tear, I'll be honest) but was back on the bike in 2006. 2 months short of a 2 year stint.

    It's only the first week that js easy, then each time you see a bike, you start to get the cold sweats.

    With Netrider consuming so much of my spare time, I had no option but to give it away and be with the little chicks whist they were going through school.

    You never give them away, you onlly take a break.
  10. BalmyBrowny,

    The family comes first. I gave up the bike back in '99 and only got back into it last year. Remember it is only a break and you will come back.

  11. Get yourself something ancient you can stick in the shed and tinker with now and then. :D
  12. Thats what I did with the wife's libido :-s
  13. giving up bikes :-s yeah i am not there yet, so can't understand but geez that must be a tough decision.....all the best and like others have said i reckon you will be back :beer:
  14. Who would give up their bike and run the risk of going insane and murdering their family in their sleep?
  15. +1 Bonk...

    No bike=Crazy man
  16. Paging hornet.... Weren't you supposed to have given up the bikes, oh, two years ago?? :cheeky:
  17. Paging hornet.... Weren't you supposed to have given up the bikes, oh, two years ago??

    I DID, I'm just taking my time; I can give them up any time I like, honest I can :LOL:

    Tough decision, though, expecially in these time of economic stress. I'm with Loz; buy a bike that you can keep in the shed, sit on and go "vroom-vroom" every now and then to keep your hand in, and your spirits up.
  18. Good on you, gotta spend the time while they're little.
    Been there done that , eventually the wife insisted I get another bike... I think I may possibly have become a little hard to live with..
  19. Hey all. thanks heaps for the replies and words of encouragment :)

    Loz and Hornet:- I have considered this. My mate has a hornet 250 that needs slome tinkering with that he's too lazy to do. might be an oppoprtunity to learn about bikes some more while i'm off them :p will hit him up and see how i go.

    Its still hard when i hear bikes going round. I always look up to see what they are riding, what gear they are wearing etc. I think it will be worse when i see a gixxer in the same colours as mine was. As there doesn't seem to be too many around here. will be sad when i see another one.

    After nice weekends like i've had this week, i'm not regretting using my time like this now. i know i would regret missing it though... but i'm excited by the thought of having another new bike in the future, and a mate has promised a lend of his sports tourer once in a while to keep me riding. (such a good mate)
  20. Whatever you do, don't let your motorcycle license lapse!!!