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Leaving for New Zealand

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bangr, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. Only 3 days to go and Bang and FR have 5 weeks with a couple of thumping twins and some great roads.

    Giddy up

  2. Great stufff.....hope you have fun... :D

    lucky bugger... :wink:

    which areas/island (North/South) are you doing??

    make sure you keep us posted.....


  3. Both islands , all the way from the top to the bottom .

    are we there yet .

  4. If you get the opportunity to visit a thermal spa or natural mudbath, it's a pretty amazing experience. Especially, after a lot of riding. :D :D :D
    e.g. Hells' Gate Spa @ Rotorua, North Island.
  5. Will do , thanks for that.

  6. Thanks Chairman

    Will you be at fri night coffee ? Me and FR will be there for our last for a while .

  7. cool :D .... the invasion is beginning hehe reasons to enslave NZ
  8. I will **** and pillage as much as I can for you guys . Just to start thing off.

  9. That's the easy part, sheep are sheep, mate...
    How ya gonna catch them with that roaring Buell is anotyher thing though... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Wish I could come along for a second instalment of our Feb/March ride.

    Have fun...and...mind the gravel ! It's everywhere.
    Now...get the hell outta here :D :D :D
    Ahhh, DON'T miss the Burgers in the pub opposite Lyttleton Backpackers...
  10. Only two days to go - not that I am counting.
  11. Quote Billy Connoly on NZ

    "I went to New Zealand.
    There was no-body there!
    3 million people and 60 million sheep!"
  12. Don't quote when you are clearly paraphrasing! The line was:

    "I went to f*#n New Zealand.
    There was f*#n no-body f*#n there!
    3 f*#n million people and 60 f*#n million f*#n sheep!"
  13. Have a Great time guys - as I know you will.
    South Island is a Dream on a Bike - nice straights & lots of twisties :D Let alone the Scenery :shock:
    Some 'special' places to check out are Lyttleton SI or Martinbourgh NI if you get a chance.
    Play Safe & look forward to seeing the photos :) :) :)
  14. Thank's

    We will try and post some photos while we are away.

  15. I'm researching my next NZ trip by watching Billy C. right now and getaway before that. :D
  16. Just watched the Billy one , that will be me in two days.