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Leaves burning in engine bay

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by paulm_collins, May 30, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    This may sounds like a strange question, but any ideas on how to remove leaves from the engine bay on a Triumph Sprint ST ?

    After the wind we had in Melbourne city yesterday, when I returned to my bike it was absolutely covered in leaves.
    I started up the bike and got on my way and there was a really nasty burning smell....... It was there all the way home so when I get home i had a look and saw leaves everywhere in the engine.
    I removed what I could and thought that should do the trick.
    But this morning, I rode into work and had that horrible burning smell again. I can still see some leaves in between the fairings etc but i dont know where the leaves are burning and i cant get my hands in any further to get the ones that i can see out.

    Im getting worried that some of them may set alight or something....

  2. step 1: remove fairings
    step 2: blow out leaves

    you may need to remove the tank as well if you are super keen. Your problem may also be coincidental with the weather - do all the electrics still work for example? Can you find any wiring or connectors with blackening/softening on them?

  3. Everything is working fine, I just get the burning smell.

    I really dont want to take all of the fairings off cause I can pretty much guarantee that it will probably happen again next week !
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  5. Man, you NEED to take your fairing off, clean everything out or you risk setting fire to the bike! When those leaves dry out properly they WILL burn, and fairings are highly flammable.
    To prevent it happening again, get a bike cover. If you can't afford a proper one, go to Bunnings and buy a large (at least 6 burner) size barbeque cover, for about $20-$30, which will do quite nicely.
  6. Hey, you now have a Weber! I recommend some chicken breasts cable tied to the fairing vents and a couple of steaks on top of the rocker cover. Ride for around two hours, serve with potato salad and your choice of beverage.
    Seriously, high pressure air should blow pretty much all of it out if you have access to it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. well, the burning was bad again on the way home tonight so when i got home i decided to try and use some tools to see if i could reach in and get most of the leaves out.

    i was out there for 30 minutes with a pair of tongs and you wouldnt believe the amount of leaves that came out....... i swear there was half a tree in there !!!!!!

    heres hoping that theres no more burning smell tomorrow morning ! :)