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Leave your helmet with your bike when parked? Ever had it stolen?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nucleotide, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Personally, I never leave my helmet or any other gear when I leave my bike parked in a public area. I've noticed recently, probably more so now then ever before, it seems to happen quite frequently.

    I parked my bike out the front of a large shopping centre and went inside (with all my gear - helmet included). I was in a shop that overlooked my bike and noticed another guy on a bike pull up right next to mine. He got off and left his helmet and jacket attached to the bike and walked in side.

    As I walked out I had a look at his bike and noticed that the helmet and jacket weren't secured to the bike in anyway - I could have picked it up and walked off and no one would have noticed any different.

    Have you ever had your gear stolen as a result of leaving it with the bike?

  2. Having it stolen is of less concern to me than someone pissing, spitting, shitting, or jerking off in/on it. I have no faith in humanity anymore.
  3. If its attacted to a helmet holder or locked to the bike, yeah i leave it in the carpark at work..... but im hesitant to do it in places more public.
  4. .. I don't trust some idiot not to pee in it or something equally as yucky!!.... 8-[
  5. +1. I'd worry that my bucket would be tampered with more than stolen.
    AznCruiser had his GPS stolen off the bike recently, after leaving it there while he went for food...
  6. I lock my helmet up with my bike whilst shopping and haven't had anything bad happen to it yet. I wear my jacket whilst shopping though.

    My friend had his jacket stolen when he left it with his bike. His helmet was locked down so they didnt take that.
  7. If I'm in a place where I'm confident enough to leave my gear with the bike, I'm confident enough to leave it unsecured.

    If I'm sufficiently uncertain that I need to lock it, I'm sufficiently uncertain about tampering/malicious pranks to take it with me. Which is most of the time.

    Different situation if I can lock it in a top-box/panniers/sidecar boot, but pretty much never out in the open.
  8. i NEVER leave my triumph where i carnt see it ...it only takes a few seconds to steel a bike .i had a ducati stollen in 1980 and never seen it again ,,,,and yes i leave my skid lid on my seat...its never out of sight,,,,
  9. Im lazy though and so would continue using the helmet lock, I dont leave my jacket along and have recently bought a phone GPS (so will need to bring that with me all the time now). The helmet is just too bulky and too much of a hassle to lug around.
  10. Kind of limits riding opportunities, I'd have thought. I empathise with the sentiment though.
  11. I used to leave my helmet with my bike, then a few years ago when the local HOGies did a static display for a charity a few of them left their helmets on the bikes and had them stolen.

    Now, unless the bike is going to be in view, I will generally take the helmet with me.
  12. $2.00 carabiner on my belt means Helmet comes with me.
    Agree with Grue 100%.

    If I'm near the bike, say having lunch, then the same caribiner attaches the helmet to my Ventura Bag Handle so I don't have to worry about it falling off my tank.
  13. I generally lock my helmet (Shoei) on my bike - have not had a problem so far in my 8 months of riding. I figure that the risk of damage to the helmet is the same as the liklihood of someone slashing a seat or tyres or intentionally scratching up the paintwork with a key. I can't see the difference. I dont care about the bike being stolen, that's what insurance is for.

    After hearing about Azn's GPS I will now be taking mine off the bike whenever I stop at Roadwarriors or similar. But I reckon that was a pretty extraordinary occurrence and will be unlikely to be repeated.
  14. Have you ever heard of something like this happening? I might be a bit naive, and certainly am new to riding, but I would imagine this to be something pretty rare. Wouldn't you have the same risk of someone shitting on your seat?
  15. I'd rather ride home on a scratched bike than in a helmet that's been in the sun after someone's put a dog-turd in it. Your call though.

    And yes, I have known it happen, though not to me :D.
  16. LOL, I guess some people are more disgusted by poo than others. Meh, I've got kids!
  17. But would you wear one of their really ripe nappies on your head for a couple of hours if you could take fairly simple action to avoid the possibility?
  18. You mean like wash it out before riding?
  19. How effectively can you wash out the inside of a lid with a non-removeable liner under field conditions?

    More like scraping off the lumps and the obvious fly eggs and doing the best job possible with a rag and a bit of water. Not so much cleaning as redistribution.

    Me, I'd have taken the risk of going lidless but I respect the decisions of others, not to mention the amusement derived from their rather jolly shade of green :twisted:.
  20. Happened to a friend of mine. Came back to his bike and went to put it on, ended up with someone's urine on his head.