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Leave Britney alone PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Justus, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. 'Leave Britney alone, she's not well'

    By Lincoln Archer
    September 12, 2007 05:07pm

    EVERY now and then something comes along that acts as a chastening
    reminder that the media can occasionally go too far.

    Ever since Britney Spears's mumbling, miming performance in her
    comeback on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards, attention has been
    firmly focused on the toxic reception she received.

    British pop guru Simon Cowell has even gone so far as to pronounce her
    career dead, saying that she would not have made it past round one on
    one of his TV talent shows.

    One fan has had enough. Chris Crocker, 19, has posted to YouTube an
    impassioned plea to Britney's critics to back off.

    The two-minute video, posted in the last day, has already been viewed
    more than 1.3 million times and attracted nearly 30,000 comments.

    Chris spends much of the video in tears, screaming at gossip blogger
    Perez Hilton to "leave Britney alone!"

    * He looks like a biatch. He cries like a biatch * [​IMG]

    'Leave her alone!' ... at least one fan has had enough of the media rubbishing
    Britney Spears's comeback performance, posting a tearful video on YouTube
    imploring the singer's critics to back off.

    The final 15 seconds of the video feature Chris sobbing almost uncontrollably,
    before he musters the strength for one final, plaintive: "Leave Britney alone."

    Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/user/itschriscrocker

  2. [​IMG]

    Comments crack me up.

    how do u do it?
    did u poke urself in the eye, while thinking ..."my dog is dead" ?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I just shit my pants!

    your soooo funny..lol.. you gave me a great laugh!!!!hahahahahahahahahahaha
    maybe you need some high blood pressure meds...
    but your funny...lol.. waaaahhhhhhhhhh

    The funny thing is that BRITNEY DOESNT CARE ABOUT YOU! You are
    a freaking loser! LOL

    good actin' son.... FAG!

    It was nice how you made a fool of yourself not only on youtube, but on
    the Stern show. They werent laughing with you, you f*cking moron.

    And whats up with the gay accent coming in and out of your speech?
    You are not only a moron, but youre fake too.

    Holy shit, you're crazy

    ROFLMFAO!!!I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire!!!

    I don't think anyone could be serious about this... you are an awesome

    this is a man or a woman?
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  4. Proof that drinking your own bathwater can have a detrimental effect on your last 3 brain cells
  5. And proof that cousins shouldn't f**k.
  6. This guy (i use that term loosely) would be the sort of person that is so obsessed with a celeb that they would try to kill them just so people would leave them alone.
    What a nutter!
  7. Now more to the point & the question of the day

    A closest Britney fan are we MG ? :LOL:
  8. And Simone gets to the heart of the problem.

    Secretly MG wants everybody to leave Britney alone. :LOL:
  9. *snigger*
  10. You gotta wonder at the youth of today (and yeah, they said this about my generation, and my parents' generation, my parents' parents' generation, etc..) I mean to say, what attracts them to these pop tarts who cannot perform any of their material live?

    Thing is, they're all video, no actual artistic value or merit.

    Oh, to hear them sing live, and they're atrocious. It's amazing what a sound engineer can do to tart up a mediocre singing voice.

    Put it this way, if Spears or those Simpson girls looked like your average female, they'd probably be speaking the following into a microphone: "would like like fries with that order?"
  11. ok so have we comfirmed that its a guy?? :? :?
  12. Oh, God, I hope so. If not, it's a f**kin' ugly chick!
  13. i think someone's been smoking too much "pole".
    all the "whitewash" has gone to his brain.

    chris CrOCKer - sucker
  14. Britney is reaping what she sowed - but she's far from a talentless hack - I don't mind giving her that kudos and I don't even like her.

    The geek on the video though... Absolutely and utterly pathetic. :roll: x1000000

    I was watching a doco recently that said that humans are physiologically programmed from an evolutionary point of view, to admire popular and famous people. Apparently it helped to keep order in the tribe/societies once the pecking order had been established... some people are more predisposed to this trait than others though to the point of mind numbing adoration.

    Though we're lambasting this kid, but what about all the aussies who by tv week, who, and all the other junk celeb goss rags???

  15. That's true. But while the TV Week demographic is largely anonymous, this kid was stupid enough to go public about Spears.

    Says a lot for the types that follow video pop tarts.
  16. #17 Monster_B, Sep 13, 2007
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  17. What amazes me is that there are people who actually go looking for (and finding) this stuff...
  18. You mean some like MG?? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. What a gay video.